My girlfriend got scammed from hmrc Scam will monzo refund?

Really sorry to hear that there’s been another victim of this type of fraud.

Unfortunately, there’s an element in our society who want to take advantage of people and get their hands on your hard earned money.

If you’ve raised this with our team through the app then they’ll be doing all they can to investigate this and get to a resolution for you.

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A good rule of thumb is to never pay anyone money who gets in touch with you out of the blue. Always politely decline, Google the company and phone them back on the number listed on their official website.

I’ve never known any company contact people through social media either.

Hope you get it sorted :crossed_fingers:


Thank you for all the advice !

I am really worried as to they would consider me negligent and not get me a refund.

I would have never thought I would have to go through this, and it has caused me so much stress and anxiety. I still feel very embarrassed to talk or mention it, as it hurts me so much that the money that I worked so hard for is suddenly gone.

I’m just trying to hope for the best and prepare for the worst at the same time. I feel really angry because they managed to convince me of every transaction while I was in tears throughout the duration of the call, and it just feels like another problem that honestly didn’t need.

I do appreciate all the messages and quick replies, as this seems like a good place to seek financial advice.

As for the Monzo team, they are talking with me now on the chat and they’ve asked for screenshots and more information in detail that I have just provided to them.

Hopefully it all goes well :sob:


That’s all totally understandable, we all hate these scumbags that do this and it’s not your fault - they’re very good at sounding convincing :slight_smile:

Hopefully talking about it on here has helped a little, and it should also help others who read it not to fall victim to the same scam. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to overthink it until you know the result. Monzo have been in touch now so you’re in good hands and I’m sure they’ll do their best to get your money back :blush::crossed_fingers:


A great policy :+1:

I hope it all goes well for you.

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Hey everyone!

I’m just stopping by for a quick update on my case.

I’m very glad to announce that today I received a full refund from Monzo!

After explaining my situation and the damage it caused me, they were able to advise me and help me resolve my case.

They mentioned that because of the complexity of my situation, it had escalated to some of the senior members of the team for them to review. They also said that on my specific case I did take the time to check who I was paying and how much, but they considered that I still fell as a victim of the scam.

Regardless of how they managed to trick me into taking my money, I am very glad of how supporting and informative they were towards the whole experience and I am very satisfied with the outcome.

I wonder if I would have sent the money from my HSBC or Barclays account I would’ve had the same outcome, but I’m happy that the Monzo team were the ones that helped me get it resolved.

I wouldn’t wish this experience to anyone, as it was extremely upsetting and stressful! But I am ready to move forward from this and I am confident to say I have learned my lesson and I will hopefully never fall for any type of vicious scam again.

Thanks to everyone who mentioned a tip or helped me get it resolved, this community is great and I hope to keep being part of it!


This is great and I’m glad you got your money back. These scams are terrifying, and I hope the experience empowers you to deal with future potential scams like this.

I’m also pleased as it sounds like Monzo’s commitment to follow the “Authorised Push Payment code” without formally signing up is being followed.


Hey everyone,

My boyfriend got scammed from HMRC fraudsters 3 days ago. We are in communication with Monzo and reported to them what happened in details, but as they said the answer should come in 15 business days we are very nervous that we might not get our money back.
The fraudsters performed a very sophisticated scam on my boyfriend and he is still in shock. They sent him an HMRC document with his details and kept on saying they would arrest him. Every single thing he questioned them they had a ready answer for him.
I just thought I might find some support in here from your experience.

I’m sorry to hear that he was scammed.

The HMRC will never send the police to arrest you

All you can do is just wait now for Monzo to finish doing whatever investigation they need to in the background before they can get back to you. Try not to worry about it, hopefully the outcome will be what you want it to be.

Unfortunately, they very carefully worked their way through his money. He was called by three different institutions and they played their game on the fact that he did his tax return this year wrong, which he actually did for the first time in uk and this made him panick.

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That’s fair enough

Slightly off topic but you can hire someone to do these for you relatively cheap if you have concerns. In my experience they pay for themselves with what they save you.

Nevertheless I hope you get your fraud case resolved :crossed_fingers:

I mean I am sure he did everything correct however this was his first time doing this in UK so when they mentioned it he got extremely worried
I just hope the money are not lost as it was savings as well

I just thought that as you guys in here have read through this community more than me and might have heard about how these cases go with Monzo.
I saw that the two cases above in this chain have been refunded which gives me a little hope.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when things like this happen - this is why it takes time for banks to investigate. So with this in mind, there unfortunately isn’t a way to say whether you will be successful or not.

You can be rest assured that Monzo will do everything they can to recover the money, but until they’re done you’ll just have to keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

And from previous users comments about this; it seems the best thing you can do is articulate clearly how and why your partner felt this was a legitimate concern.

The more you can do to outline your position, and why it felt like a legitimate request will help.

We obviosuly can’t gurantee any outcomes here, of course - but you should look into the “authorised push payment code” and see if there are any similarities in this scam, and what they outline there.

Hey Ben,
Thanks for this.
Yesterday we wrote a long explanation and timeline to Monzo of exactly what happened and why my boyfriend thought this was a legitimate call as he had many reasons to.
We’ve spent the last few days reading about the ‘authorised push payment code’ and in this case he did what would be expected from him to do under the code.

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to update you all that Monzo refunded us the whole scam and have been very supportive through the whole process.
Thank you guys for your answers as well. Please, be extra careful about these scams because they can be very sophisticated.

Have a lovely week!


And you too!

Not wishing to rake over the coals, and I am sure you want to move on from this as quickly as possible, but in retrospect is there any specific advice you could offer to help others avoid it and be careful e.g. a particular red flag now you look back?

Though there is probably an “arms race” there between escalating care and sophistication…