My GF lost her wallet and some Monzo user found it and reported to Monzo

My GF lost her wallet and some Monzo user found it and reported to Monzo. Monzo told him/her to hand that to police office so that my girl friend can go there and retrieve her wallet. They don’t want to tell my girl friend the contact details of that user for security reasons. My GF’s BRP card is in the wallet so she is really worried, and she wants to get the wallet back as soon as possible. Any suggestions guys?

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Phone round the police stations closest to where you think it was lost. Should be able to help but cancel all bank cards that are in the wallet, they’ve been compromised

Edit: here’s a link to report the permit lost if you can’t trace it.


the nearest police station is closed on Friday… it is really disappointed

Can you not ask Monzo to ask the user that handed it in to let Monzo know the police station and then Monzo can let you know?

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Monzo said they would let my GF know once they hand in the wallet. They have sent the message to the reporter and ask which police he/she gonna hand to, but they have not replied yet.

Once it’s reported / handed into the police you can call your local police by calling 101 and they will search the database. Once it has been handed in, it will be in the database. When you call 101, it will automatically connect your call to your local police.

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Since her BRP is in the Wallet, she will need to bring her passport to local police office for the collection?

Most likely not - the BRP contains her picture, name and biometrics (fingerprint, face metrics). However - I would take it, just to be safe. After it has been handed in, when you call 101 they should be able to tell you where you should go to collect it. It may not be a police station as they could have a ‘lost & found’ at a specific building.


Are people required to carry BRP wih them all the time ?:thinking:

No, according to the British Embassy:

The purpose of the BRP is to provide evidence your immigration status. You will not need to carry it at all times, but you will need to show it to demonstrate your entitlement to work or to access public services.


You tend to find a lot of people do carry their BRP around with them just in case they need to use it as a proof of age or something so I guess there’s quite a few of them that end up getting lost

What is a BRP card.

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Biometric Reisdents Permit

What a BRP is

You’ll get a biometric residence permit (BRP) if you:


Be careful, this is not a solution.

There is no nationwide police database of lost/found property which covers all types of property. If the wallet is handed in to police in Essex, there is no way police in Kent would know that. Similarly, if handed to City of London Police, there is no way of the Metropolitan Police searching ‘a database’

Calling 101 will not help. That simply connects you to the local police service wherever you are in the country.

The loser will have to know where the wallet has been handed in. Perhaps Monzo could pass this information on?

On a cautionary note, most Police Forces no longer deal with lost/found property because the volumes are too great and the administration too onerous. As a general rule, don’t take found property to a police station as you will probably be told to return ID to the issuer and simply cut up bank cards.

You may be able to convince the police to hold on to property if you can tell them that the owner is aware of where the property is and will collect it reasonably soon, but the police will not make many enquiries on your behalf to find owners.


Then it would be super wise not to have it your wallet. Just like virtually no one carries a passport with them 24/7. :nerd_face:

I believe it’s “unofficially recommended” for certain categories of people to carry passports/BRPs in case immigration do “random” stop and searches (at train stations or places of work) and then start asking you to prove you have permission to be in the country. It’s easier to have the document on you at the time rather than be bundled into the back of a van ‘for suspected immigration breaches’, taken to the immigration centre, be processed (some time later) and then be taken under police escort to where the document is kept (all possibly without having a chance to call someone to tell them what’s happened).


Did she get it back Jun ?

Yes she got it back last week :smile:


That’s awesome


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