Lost my card, now someone's trying to use it

I lost my wallet a few days ago in central London. I did a temporary freeze on my card and was really lucky not to have lost any money. But someone keeps trying to use the card at various places around East London.

With the power of Mondo I can see the exact time they tried to use the card, and the shops where they’ve tried to use it. Just wondering if anything can be done to track this person down?


Sorry to hear that.

I personally wouldn’t bother doing anything about it as the card has been stopped.

You could however if you wanted always go to the police and tell them the info you have, they may or may not (more than likely not) investigate and go to the locations and see if they have any CCTV.

Weird why they keep trying if it did not work the first one or two times though…

Sorry to hear that @mcnulty but I love that you can see where your card is trying to be used. This is such great information to have through Mondo and I do hope you can use it to track it down perhaps as @anon72173902 says.

I’m interested from Mondo to know how this situation gets rectified, how they reissue a new card and if all your current information gets merged with the new card. Would it be useful to have card numbers appear in singular transaction info?

Yep, very strange that they keep trying to use it after it’s been declined. They’ve tried again three times this morning at different shops.

Can they be tracked down? Theoretically, yes. I’ve watched it happen where CCTV images have been pulled and later, the person tracked down as part of a card skimming raid.

Is it worth doing for one card and not part of a big bank/police operation? Probably not to be honest.

How does Mondo handle this situation though?

The good thing with mondo is that you have an exact timestamp of the transaction time and location. So it is easy to narrow it down on the CTTV records. Also it should be easy to spot the flashy coral card on the picture :slight_smile:

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If you have frozen your card and ordered a replacement, once you activate your new card (a process I don’t know about as I’ve never had to try!), the old card becomes completely inactive/disconnected and the new card seamlessly takes over as normal.

As for following up on tracking these people down, I don’t know of anything that happens right now apart from maybe reporting it upwards. That’s likely to be something that will have to come as part of being a bank with a dedicated fraud team.

Right now, if you do lose out on money from a transaction going through before you freeze your card, hitting “Something Wrong?” on the transaction and selecting “The Transaction or amount” I should put you straight through to the support team, maybe @tristan could fill in what can happen next!