My first week flying solo as a Remote COp

Morning all :wave:,

As a long time forum user (with a new ‘staff’ account) I promised myself that I’d keep active on the forum and keep you all up to date with my Monzo journey. I introduced myself last week here but as this morning is my first shift working from home I thought I’d post an update.

I can’t believe how amazing my first two week’s training were. I was based in the Cardiff Office, which is almost entirely full of COps, working across different parts of the company. We had a fantastic range of sessions from some really brilliant people. I didn’t meet anybody who wasn’t passionate about making Monzo the best bank it can be and lives by the Monzo mantra of making money work for everybody. :partying_face:

We do some fantastic stuff for our customers that we don’t shout about very often and I was amazed by the compassion and love we all have for the people who choose to bank with us.

I was also blown away by how wonderful our customers are on chat. I’ve never worked in a job where people are, by and large, incredibly friendly and understanding. I think they realise that we are genuinely trying to do our best to help each individual and they respect and respond to that. :love_you_gesture:

There is still a massive amount for me to learn - I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. However our training group (#qualityanimal) are already helping each other out. We have our own slack channel for work support and a What’s App group to support each other mentally. There have been lots of positive messages already this morning geeing each other up.

I’ve also got a fantastic squad and our Squad Captain is really hands on. We are all remote and I’m lucky in that three of my Squad were in my training group, so I don’t feel like I’m alone.

Anyway, I’m on chat 10-7 all week this week so I might well be speaking with some of you. If I do - please be patient, I’m still learning the ropes.

Have a fantastic week! :+1: