I'm off to Monzo! :monzo:

Hello Monzo Community! :wave:

As you’ve probably figured out already by the title, I’m now a Monzonaut :grin::monzo::hot_coral_heart:

It all happened so quickly! I applied mid-April, completed a take-home task and then went to interview in Cardiff for a few hours (the interview flew past, I was amazed). I received a job offer the next day asking for a May 6th start so I handed my notice in the next day and began working on my handover :raised_hands: I left work on Friday and moved to Monzo today (though, it was probably yesterday by the time I send this out :eyes:)

Monzo have been lovely from step 1 onwards!!! :hot_coral_heart: I’m currently in my COp training phase :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so you won’t see me in your chat just yet :wink: but the training plan sounds fantastic, I really look forward to learning all there is to learn.

Turns out I don’t know a single interesting fact about myself :joy: but, as I found out later, being CoralCrew, being in a Monzo Ad & being in the Beta/PrePaid card era is quite impressive :yum: I’m certainly in a lucky position here :blush: I’ve shared a whole host of Slack & Mac tips with my fellow intake as well as surprising some folks with weird & obscure Monzo knowledge :see_no_evil:

I’m sure there are those of you wondering, already, what happens to Nexusmaniac! :eyes: I am too :sweat_smile:
I will no longer be part of the Coral Crew :sob: such an incredibly short lived career in the positively delightful CC! I will still be here on the forum though, just with a :monzo: instead of a 4 :wink:

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about Sneak Peaks, App Updates & Teardowns though :blush: I still want to be as dedicated a Monzo user as ever :boom: but I will have to discuss my future teardowns in depth with Monzo :innocent: I had already signed my contract by the time 2.46.0 had arrived :grimace: so I didn’t want to risk doing a teardown - I’ve also got access to a few more features than I had before :wink: so I’m going to have to be very careful OR get another device OR un-staff-ify my Monzo app :yum: going forward everything will be clearer though however in the short term I shan’t be risking any teardowns. Monzo is incredibly transparent but it’s no longer an avid user digging into the app and sharing things, it’s a Monzo staff member sharing things that not every user has access to and if I were to mess up and share ‘some feature from some internal release’ accidentally then I’d be in a bit of bother :sweat_smile:

tl;dr I’m a Monzo COp. Teardowns should return. I’m no longer CC but I can still do CC things. I’m still going to be the @Nexusmanaic you remember but doing a job I’ll truly love and, potentially, being on the other end of your Monzo chat some day - ready to lend a helping hand! :grin:

I’d love to answer and questions you have about anything in the meantime so fire away in the thread below :sunglasses:


Congrats @nexusmaniac! :smiley:

Are you working from home or at Monzo HQ?


I guess this is a Mic Drop Monzo moment! Couldn’t be happier for you mate, if anyone is Monzo destined it was you, good luck!!!


I’ll volunteer to takeover teardowns if you want :wink:

Let us know how you get on (we want a running commentary!), glad your experience was better than mine :+1:

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What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Well, you did say anything! :wink:

Congratulations, btw! Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow.


Aces!! Congratulations!

starts plotting to get a job with Monzo


Congratulations!! :partying_face::clinking_glasses:

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Jealous :laughing:, congrats though you deserve it :partying_face::clap:t3:.

Looking forward to some posts about how you’re getting on over the next few weeks ( I’m sure you’ll be making plenty :slight_smile: ) .


So should I come up with loads of spurious support requests until I get you on in-app chat? :grin:


Congratulations! Having a job you’re so passionate about is one of the most rewarding feelings, you must be feeling great! :tada:
Happy for you, it’s well deserved. :raised_hands:

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Incredibly proud and chuffed! Congrats again Marcus!! :tada::boom:

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Congratulations Marcus

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Congratulations. If anyone deserves a job there it’s you.

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Congratulations that is really good news. I will miss your Teardowns but understand why you might not be able to do this anymore.

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I hope that it’ll be no problem but I’ll find out before long and let everybody know :smiley:

(I want to keep them going :wink:)

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Congrats mate! You seem to have wanted this for a long while so I’m happy to hear that you got there in the end :tada:

Just need to know what took Monzo so long in hiring you since it was a given from day one :confused: :wink:

Quick question: I’ve noticed you use a lot of emojis when you write things on here. Do you do the same when talking in person and do you think this helped in the interviews? :laughing:

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Congrats Marcus!

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Glad to have you on the team bro! :grinning: