Massive improvement to Monzo chargebacks

Old Monzo: open chat, ask for a chargeback, a few days later someone asks for evidence, a few more days, Monzo closes the case saying a lack of evidence. Repeat the cycle explaining that there is evidence. Two weeks later Monzo may open a chargeback but probably won’t tell you. 3 months later, the money arrives in your account.

New Monzo: dispute flow asks for evidence, says there will be an update within 7 days. One hour later, a push notification, the refund is in my account, and the deadline for merchant to challenge is displayed.

Absolutely stunning. I was going to say this brings it into line with other banks, but honestly, this is much better.

So that’s two of the big Monzo painpoints fixed: large transfers and chargebacks.


The flow is lovely! But also, it looks like they’re doing it the right way around now!

This is how you drive self help, Monzo. Not dead end FAQ articles. Hope to see more of this.


Oh wow! Last time I did a chargeback was 2019 and was similar to your Old Monzo description (maybe slightly better).

Hopefully I won’t have to do one again but if I do I feel glad to know the process is very streamlined!! Thanks for sharing :star_struck:


Sadly I don’t see large transfers as fixed - I raised a request at 7am and there wasn’t a reply until about 6pm. It’s still far too painful

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