My employer has switched to ADP

My employer has switched to ADP for payroll, which on there website says is approved by BACS and Inland Revenue.

So if it’s approved by BACS that would mean it’s not BACS and I no longer get early paydays right?

Can anyone confirm?

Have you asked your employer how they process the wages, that will fully clarify the question.


Hello! I’m afraid chances are nobody will know what or who ADP are. It’s best that you check with your payroll/finance department to understand if they use BACS or FPS

My finger in the air guess though is that “approved by BACS” just means “we use BACS”


Looking at the website they provide all kind of options, so no one here will even be able to answer that question. It’ll all depend on what your company have decided to implement.

Not sure how you come to that conclusion. If it’s approved by BACS then I assume it means that BACS have approved ADP’s use with their service.

Two options;

Wait for payday
Ask your employer


ADP are a payroll service provider and have worked with them in the past and the links with BACS and HMRC are around how their software works with the RTI system to submit the employees payroll information to HMRC and that it is recognised by HMRC as having passed their tests under the payroll recognition process Find payroll software that is recognised by HMRC - GOV.UK

The link to BACS may also be related to RTI as submissions to HMRC for BACS payments also need to include a BACS hash sub-reference in the FPS Submission. If you are paid via BACS now I don’t think that will change but your employer should be able to confirm

I have had ADP employers in the past. Some were BACS some were faster payment. As far as I can tell it is per company setup dependent rather than anything ADP specific.

My wages are paid by ADO for work and I can get paid early by Monzo.

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I have ADP at my place, and we’re paid by BACS.


I have ADP and it is BACS, although weirdly it used to say my company’s name, but has recently changed to: Automatic data processing

Anyone else have this and know why?

Even past transactions change?? I click into one and it changes

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This will depend entirely upon your company and how they process things. Your best bet would be to speak to your payroll team internally first.

They will not tell you or reply.

I think my company switched over to FPS to override the early payday on purpose as they put in their most recent e-mail that they are switching to ADP to prevent people from seeing pending payments.

I also think I and several others caused it to happen because when pay day was due and nothing was showing as pending. i would alert several colleagues and raise complaints that payday was delayed again. Before payroll knew it was delayed.

They just want to feel in control again I guess.


Then your employer is :poop::joy:


Wow, screw that company

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Why would a company do this though? What impact is it to them?

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Probably complaints to payroll if people don’t see the transaction the day before - or whatever. :man_shrugging:t3:

A simple staff email would have resolved :upside_down_face:

Honestly if payday is regularly delayed then it’s clearly time to leave before they go bankrupt