My Day, Today, At Monzo

We have a couple of different avenues for this.

There are a couple of cop channels on Slack. #communications is for updates from non-COp collectives. This might include updates relating to SCA or an upcoming app update.

We then have a #shouldknow and a #mustknow channel depending on the importance of the information.

This often then gets shared in our own squad slack channel by either our Captain or one of us. It depends who is quickest to notice it!

When there’s an issue which might increase the number of people getting in touch then we also get pinned notification in the software we use to communicate with customers.

The first thing I do on shift is to check all three slack channels. I keep an A5 notepad with me, so I can make notes on anything going on and make sure I’ve got it to hand.


Thank you for this very detailed post! I love reading “behind-the-scenes” things- it’s very interesting seeing the breakdown of tasks and responsibilities you and the rest of the squad have. Merchant review feedback seems to be a never ending pile :joy: it’s heartening to see how much internal communication and feedback works to inspire/ help future responses! I’m sure this post would be good for other forum-goers who are looking to apply for a COps role too :eyes:


Hey @Dan5 :wave:

I’m starting my COp’s training later this month :raised_hands:

It’s great to read about what a typical day looks like from some one in the role, I’m very excited to join the team.

Take it easy!


Yaaayyy new COp! You’ll love it :wink: Good luck with training :call_me_hand:


:wave: Welcome to the team :slight_smile:


Glad it was useful Ollie!

Welcome to the team. Once you’re on boarded and on slack drop me a DM and say hello!

In the meantime if there’s anything you want to know, drop me a DM on here!

You’ll love it :heart_eyes:


Thanks guys! I’m so excited to start with Monzo, just over a week to go now :smiley:

@EllieC - Great to meet you! And thank you for the luck! :smiley:

@HughWells Thank you! I’m excited to be on board.

@Dan5 Thank you for the support Dan, as soon as I’m logged on I’ll drop you a message, thanks for the offer of help too!

Take it easy guys and have a great weekend :v:


I’m a bit late to the party :tada: but this was such an interesting read.
I’ve been thinking about applying for a remote position and now I’ve finally done it :crossed_fingers: it sounds like an amazing job!


Good luck :hot_coral_heart:

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