My complaint with Monzo

All accounts have limits

It’s £50,000 for business accounts tho

It’s a real issue. I bought a new car yesterday. Needless to say, Monzo wasn’t involved in any way at all.

Reading some earlier forum posts this seems to have become quite a problem, particularly for the OP in this issue.

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This is a misuse of the forum - it’s a community forum that staff members occasionally chose to reply to. It’s not a complaints procedure, and the forum is monitored by coral crew rather than staff so unless you @ a specific staff member’s handle, there’s no reason why any member of staff would even know you have complained, let alone think to reply.


100% agree with this.


What I’m saying is in threads where Monzo staff have chosen to be involved, feedback and ideas are being ignored or taken as a direct attack on the current process. They of course don’t need to acknowledge anything, but what’s the point trying to help put forward suggestions if it’s doing nothing.

I’m not using forums to make formal complaints.

We know Monzo are hoovering up responses for feedback but it’s like being in an integration room with a one way mirror.

They seriously need to get forum staff who’s job it is to monitor the forums and actively participate in threads imo.

The feedback from customers here is like gold as we are the most passionate about it. It feels like that resource is being wasted.


This seems to become a pattern. It is not good for monzo if their community starts shifting their perception on Monzo towards this…

:thinking: Maybe Monzo should stop trying to get new customers :chart_with_upwards_trend: (both in UK and moving into the USA market) and focus more on removing risk :chart_with_downwards_trend: making the product more stable and improving customer service, involvement and feedback.

Traditional banks did not listen to the customers and tried to tell them what they should accept. New challenger banks seem to follow the same pattern.

I really hope :crossed_fingers: Monzo stops telling us what we want and actually listens to the community and give us what we are asking for and what we actually need.


Just a small update. Another team member has contacted me today. If you didn’t feel like Monzo was being pig-headed, allow me to change that thought.


@codf I agree it would be great if you could raise the limits in advance.

However, given the current limitations I’m curious as to why you chose to use chat support rather than use the phone service. I haven’t used the phone service yet myself but if I had a time sensitive issue I would certainly go straight to that instead of chat. Have you had a poor experience in the past with the phone service?

For the limit increase I had to send information over chat, including a selfie with ID and some additional personal information and identification that could not be transmitted via voice.

None of this was allowed to be sent in advance either.

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Everything I’ve read in this place about Monzo telephone support is that it never gets answered.

Perhaps they have a phone number only because they have to?


My complaint is the fact, that I cannot write a new post on any subject in the monzo forum on my PC!! what happened to “new post” button??


Get a Mac? :grimacing:

It’s still there

Try a different browser

What are the reasons for these limits? Is it cost control on Monzo’s part?

Interesting that this seems to be different to an experience mentioned earlier…

I guess Monzo have changed their procedures on this.

I think I’ll try the phone support the next few times I need support. If I am to move more of my banking over to Monzo (I’m currently spread over several banks) I will need to have confidence in the phone support.

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It’s not an uncommon approach. Whether it works or not I’m not sure, but most financial services companies will offer some kind of goodwill for most/all complaints. My previous employers routinely gave everyone £50 regardless of whether they upheld the complaint or not.

I think one motivation is to try and dissuade people from referring their complaints to the FOS. After all, £50 in goodwill is much cheaper than a £550 case fee.

Phone service that kills the call if you haven’t been answered after 5 minutes, you mean?

Phone support is really for basic issues (like I can’t access the app) and for those times you can’t access in app chat iirc

A lot of the time they will pass the conversation to in app chat

If true, it would be a shame if it continues like that long term. In my opinion, chat support is more suited to basic queries and there should be other channels for more complex queries where you need to be able to have a proper conversation (e.g. phone support) or write in a more in-depth manner.


My understanding is that there are levels to the limit increase and the channels you can go down to achieve this.

I would assume @nickh’s increase was smaller then mine so could be done over the phone, mine needed the additional identification over chat.