Multiple switches: Which switch is which?

I have initiated two switches in to Monzo using CASS.

Now I get nice messages in my feed, like:

Account switch in progress
We’re waiting to hear from your old bank


Account switch underway
Your switch will finish on DD Mmm

The problem is there’s nothing to identify which switch the message refers to.

In my case one switch is progressing well while the other has stalled, and I’m in the dark as to which of my accounts will close on the given date.

So my feature suggestion is to to add some identifying information to switch messages, like the account number, or bank name, etc.


Now one switch has failed and I’ve usefully be told to contact “the bank” about it.

Which bank?

I guess I’ve got a 50/50 chance… :slight_smile:

I would suggest contacting customer services to find out which bank switch has failed.