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Hi I want to cancel switch account to Monzo

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By a switch do you mean a CASS switch from another UK bank (e.g. Barclays, HSBC) to Monzo?

When did you initiate (start) the switch?

I switch just few minutes ago by mistake from metro bank when I was looking for sort cod and bank account and now I want to cancel that

Please cancel it

This is a user community, unfortunately, no one on here can help you directly so you will need to contact Monzo using the in-app chat or call the number on the back of your Monzo card. Hope you get it all sorted.

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You must have made a lot of mistakes going through all the steps needed to initiate a switch :open_mouth:

As mentioned above, you need to contact Monzo directly - not through here. Hope you get it sorted :slight_smile:


are you sure you did a switch because there’s a lot of information and confirmation before you initiate a switch, could just say you changed your mind from switching to monzo, i did that 3 years ago when i decided to fully switch to monzo, but luckily i did had a switch date more than 7 working days, you don’t have that 7 plus working days buffer you might not be able to cancel the switch because you need to give more than 7 working days notice to cancel a full switch


Once you start a Switch now you can not stop it,

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Have you contacted your old bank to ask if they can stop the switch outbound?

It might be possible?

Still not quite sure how you managed to accidentally switch your account though. There’s a lot to enter, read and agree to!

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Accidentally clicking through 5 prompts? that’s urm, difficult to do

Yes this :point_up_2:.

It’s hard to tell where you are in the switching process - it appears to be only a couple of days in.

Most banks will ask you if you wish to go ahead and leave them, but I don’t know how Metro do that.

My ISP has something called an anti-slamming option, which basically means, when enabled, if they receive a migration request from another ISP, they will automatically block it for me, let me know, and provide me the option to disable it if I am in fact wanting to move to a different ISP.

While current account switching is unlikely to be prone to the same issue of line slamming, perhaps something similar to auto-block switches away could be nice functionality for a bank to have.

I don’t think it can be stopped when I joined Monzo think I had like 3+ boxes to tick not sure what’s it called but it said switch guarantee. It’s hard to do by accident

I stopped a switch from TSB to Monzo once as I was offered compensation by the former. They did it no problem, just contact them in chat as long as its early days

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