Failed switch - why not give information?

Just got a notification in app saying that a CASS switch had failed.

Unfortunately it didn’t give the reason which isn’t much use.

Even less use is that it didn’t give the account number and sort code of the account being switched which means I have no idea which account they are referring to. What possible use it is hiding this information?

Perhaps we can consider giving the customer details instead of the vague “an account (you don’t know which) failed to switch (you don’t know why) from another bank (you don’t know which)”.

Presumably if people come across this message they will want to address it and will then need to go and ask for all this info.


While this information would be nice, I suspect the number of people that are CASSing more than one account at a time is really (really) small. And I imagine that the reasons for failure are probably many and diverse which works make automating it tricky.

While I’m generally in favour of more rather than less information, I think it’s completely understandable in this case: the support costs are probably much less than the development time.

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You might be right there. Still a bit confusing why that wasn’t the case when it was first implemented but I’ll survive.

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by what your saying it sounds like your doing a switch with more then two accounts which is not possible so it would fail you only can do one switch at a time

I don’t think that’s accurate, I’m sure there are people posting on this forum who have mentioned switching more than one account to Monzo before.

There are three things I’m aware of that could cause a switch to fail:

  • Trying to do a partial switch and not a full switch. Monzo will no accept partial switches.
  • Trying to switch from a Joint Account to a Personal Account.
  • Trying to switch when you’re in overdraft on the old account but you don’t have a Monzo overdraft.

The OP doesn’t provide enough information to suggest which of those might apply, if any.

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In what world is it not possible to switch more than one account at a time? Wasn’t aware of anything in the spec saying this.

And I wasn’t. I still have no idea why the switch failed.

well they said they didn’t say which account the switch was failed from, so it’s either from a joint account or their switching more than one account at a time

None of these apply but I’m not sure Monzo tell you even if they do.

Or in this case… It’s not.

If you ask them through the in-app chat, I understand they should be able to investigate and tell you.

As far as the app, goes, I think @Peter_G probably has the best guess; that these situations happen to infrequently it’s better for COps to chat and resolve the issue than is is for the time to be spent developing and changing the app to read and represent any and all error codes that might be possible (and which 90% of may never be seen by 99.99% of customers).

I think another reason is switching Monzo away to another account whilst having money in a Monzo pot.

you can only do a switch with one account to another at a time, unless the first switch is completed you won’t be able to do another switch in or out until the current switch is done and that’s a fact

Citation needed.

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