Multiple Repeating Payments from the Same Company


I’m new here so forgive me if this is a duplicate thread…

I’ve got two repeating payments with Moneybox coming out of my Monzo account, one smaller one weekly, and one larger one monthly. Is there any way to schedule one weekly and the other monthly?

At the moment if I change one of them to weekly, it changes them both to weekly etc.


Have you got them as separate repeating payments?

If they are separate payments that appear on your summary. You can individually set them up as repeating payments. I have a £0.79 and £9.99 payment with iTunes that come out. I can treat them independently of each other as repeating payments.

In case you were wondering how it appears, here’s a screenshot:


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Yes they go out as separate payments from the account, but if I try to schedule them (so the ‘Summary’ tab takes them into account) they’re either both monthly or both weekly…

Thanks James - if you can do it on your app then I’ll try again - maybe I was doing something wrong

I think I may have found the issue. There appears to be only one Direct Debit appearing, as both the large monthly and small weekly payments have the same reference. I guess this means I’ll struggle to schedule them separately?

Yeh it could well be. I’m not sure how Monzo identifies the repeating payments from the same merchant.

I found this in another thread though:

Hopefully someone can shed some more light on this.

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