Apple Payments

It would be incredibly useful to see a breakdown of Apple payments within the Monzo app. At present every purchase is labelled “Apple” and it’s impossible to distinguish between purchased movies, tv shows, app subscriptions, iCloud plans etc…

That’s mostly down to Apple’s switch to unified billing. Personally I prefer it as “Apple” vs “iTunes” - because iTunes isn’t a Merchant. Much the same way you wouldn’t want “Tesco” and “Tesco Fuel” separated, they’re both “Tesco”.

Add a note to it if you want that split. :slight_smile:

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Hi. Welcome.

Monzo don’t know what you’ve bought, just that you’ve bought from Apple. And because Apple switch who they bill as, it makes it even more difficult.

It’s effectively the same as say you want Monzo to show you what you bought at Tesco.


Thanks. I figured it was probably an issue on Apple’s side :slight_smile: I just wish there was an easy way to at least separate the repeating payments from the one-offs.

You can manually Mark one as repeating if you want. Then it’ll show up alongside other repeating payments

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Have you tried adding notes or using # tags? That’s what I do

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Thanks for your help. Was probably being a bit lazy! Went and invested some time yesterday sorting through and setting up recurring payments and tagging etc so hopefully can start keeping on top of things a bit better :slight_smile:

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