Multiple Cards - Single Account

(Nikolay Abromov) #1

It would be nice if we can have two or more cards on the same account, so me wife and I can track what our family is spending within the same account.

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(Rika Raybould) #2

You may want to get your voice heard in one of the existing threads about this topic!

(Andrew McFetrich) #3


I’ve just signed up and would love to use this for groceries, petrol etc. that are paid for by both my wife and I. If we had 2 cards on the account - and also could both top up the account from our 'usual bank accounts - this would be be a game changer.

As a new community member, how can I find out if this is part of the roadmap?


(Alex Sherwood) #4

Monzo have published their product roadmap here but joint accounts aren’t on it, yet.

There’s also the Extraordinary Ideas Board with the ideas that the team are fans of but they’re not on there either.

Tom (Monzo’s CEO) has said that joint accounts are in the plans though -

the question is, how they’ll work. If you search for joint accounts in this community, there’s several topics detailing various solutions that’re being considered.

(Andrew McFetrich) #5

Great, thanks.

Joint accounts would be great, but would just be cool to have 2 cards on the same account - i.e. I top up but both my wife and I have a card to use independently.

(Steven Crouch) #6

Is it possible to link more than one card to the same app?


No it is not possible to do so

(Patrick) #8

This is a good idea. I would like to have a card for my wife and one for my son when we travel.

I could open another account for my son and manage it from my second phone but a bit clumsy.

(Marta) #9

@Pbrady999 You mean a more than one active card for same account, or join account with multiple cards? This thread has been discussing both a bit, so I’m just interested what option you’re after? :wink:

(Patrick) #10

I like the idea of both. Should I give my son a card I would still like to controll it in terms of top ups and freezing and to see spending but would like this to have a diferent total than my card.

However when sharing a card with my wife I would expect those cards to share funds.

It would be fine to be able to run mulycards with diferent totals from the one app. So if that was the best on offer then that would be fine


Even if Monzo did at some point permit a couple of adults to share an account and have two cards connected to it, the situation regarding your son is different. If he is over 18 surely he would just get his own card? If below 18 the current terms would not permit him to have a card, as they can only be issued to users over 18. Monzo have discussed lowering the age, e.g. to 16, but while no definate decision has been announced it sounded like it may come at a later date rather than when they launch the current account. If he is quite young, e.g. 13, you can currently look at Soldo if you need a card where you are going to control and monitor his use.

(Patrick) #12

Just suggesting what would work for me. I can of course shop elsewhere.

(Gary Connolly) #13

I love the Monzo card. Can you tell me if I can multiple cards through the same app. I would like to give a card to my daughter, keep one for myself and see both cards link to the same application on the same phone.

(Alex Sherwood) #14

I’ve moved your post here as there’s more details about Monzo’s plans & other user’s thoughts on this functionality here. I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face: