Am I allowed a second account?

(David) #1

Had the card for a coupe of weeks - really impressed.

My current bank misses any kind of budgeting software in their App which is where Mondo can really help me.

I currently have two accounts and two separate cards. One for boring stuff like Bills, food and petro and the other for going out, gadgets, holidays… fun stuff basically.

Q. Is it possible to get a second account with Mondo for this, or even better still, is it possible to group categories together to I can clearly keep an eye on my spend and how much each ‘pot’ has left? I know Mondo makes it clear where I’m spending my money but it doesn’t stop me spending when the ‘Fun’ pot runs dry!

Thanks - David

(Aaron) #2

Don’t think this is possible at the moment. I really like that idea though, especially to further help with budgeting too. Here’s another thread mentioning accounts too, seems like a popular request.

(Adam Hockley) #3

that be good if you can link and give child like £5 10 for help tiddying up or pocket money and have spend limit meaning them cant spend x ammont a day

(David) #4

Thanks Adam and Aaron.

…I asked two question here i guess - So if the ‘pots’ function isn’t available to budget money between bills, spare cash, kids pocket money etc then I suppose the only question is whether the app and Mondao support multiple cards per person.

(Javier Delgado) #5

There is already a card that achieves that with it’s own web platform is called GoHenry, my 4 kids use it and it’s really great.

(Richard) #6

Just wanted to add to this that I was hoping for something like this, possibly as a future feature purely for budgeting. The idea for me is that I could have one account for any monthly paid services(Netflix etc) and another for work spenditure leaving my main bank account for other things. One thing I am doing at the moment is charging services and work spenditure to my existing Monzo account and just adding a note for each transaction to identify the type of payment it is for since at present there isn’t an option to create categories and assign them to payments for easy reviewing later.


Even if it was allowed it would be a pain to manage - the Monzo app doesn’t offer any way to use multiple accounts, so you’d have to log out and log in every time.

How about using a competitor’s card? Starling is currently the closest you’ll get to Monzo. It’s nowhere near as good but it’s usable.

(Patrick) #8

Surely if Monzo were to allow multiple accounts, they would get them worked into the app so they could be easily managed by the same user under the same app? This brings the point I was going to make into focus? What do we mean by second account? Does it need to have different account numbers and cards linked to them? Would a system of different pots be sufficient?


It depends - maybe they didn’t think the development time required to implement proper multi-account support in the app was worth it - that doesn’t mean they prohibit the use of them either.

(James) #10

I would find having two accounts really useful. I usually try to keep my student finances (groceries, socialising, stationary, etc.) and ‘personal’ finances (non-course related gadgets, walking gear, etc.) separate.

Currently I have to use Monzo (plus current accounts and ISAs) for ‘personal’ money, and either Loot or my legacy student account for my student money. It would be great to just use Monzo.

If this were to happen, it would probably be useful to have the card for the second account being a different colour to avoid using the wrong one.

(Colin Robinson) #11

If they allowed it then I guess :monzo: would stick to the four colours of their logo?

Making Monzo Better: The Big List
(TWM) #12

I like this idea alot… :smile:

(TWM) #13

I really like this idea

(J) #15

I absolutely LOVE the blue colour card!