Multiple Cards, One Account


I am unaware of any fintech with GBP accounts with multiple cards or multiple accounts however for European fintechs there are EUR accounts at bunq with multiple cards (3) and multiple accounts (20) and an ability to share access to your accounts with other customers at the same bank, so in absence of a joint account you can have a de facto joint account. I think Monzo could learn a lot from looking at how they have shared accounts.

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multiple cards goes bank to joint accounts - I have a joint account with the coop which we use for our household bills / food shopping etc - we both have a debit card linked to that account , its all very well having a Monzo pot on one of our accounts - if the other person doesnt have a Monzo account, they cant spend from ‘the pot’ when they are out on their own shopping for household groceries etc, because we only have one card - it just makes it difficult to share the budget if we go out separately unless Im missing something I cant really see pots solving this facility, without a lot of hassle transferring money backwards and forwards - whereas two cards linked to the one account would

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Multiple cards would be great, and is one thing that would stop me moving over fully.

Me and my wife use a joint for our monthly spending, as it is easier to keep track off. If we could both have a card on the same monzo account his would be even easier.

The instant notifications can’t categorisation is one of the things that made me try out monzo, and I can say my first weekend trying it out was great.

However if joint accounts aren’t something that is happening, then it will end up just being me transferring money onto it for my spending, which kinda defeats the object for me.

So until some form of joint account is in place, or I can build something suitable with the api i won’t be able to fully switch.

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Hi :slight_smile:
Is it possible for my partner and I to have two cards that link to the same account?
Thanks in advance,

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Can you provide additional cards on the same account?

(Johnny Ellwood) #27

Not as of yet. It is something that has been discussed previously on here but I dont know Monzos official stand on this.


“Is it possible for my partner and I to have two cards that link to the same account?”

Right now what we have are current accounts attached to a single person. As a bank, have a duty to know who are customers are, which would be difficult to do in this scenario. We have obligations, like reporting tax information internationally, which could be easily circumvented if people were using other people’s bank accounts.

This is probably also part of the reason that multiple cards aren’t possible on the same account for ‘one’ person on any UK bank account :lock: . Because two cards seems very likely to be an enabler for more than one person to use the account. I don’t know whether regulation specifically disallows it, or just makes it very risky, but I’d guess it’s one of the two.

Joint accounts, with two named people that we know about, are on their way at some point but as you can imagine you’d need some fairly substantial changes, and demand is not universal, so it’s not immediate term.

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Yes please my wife and I would love this feature!

We both have accounts, it would be useful to be able to combine our monthly reports and even see what the other has spent money on while we try to figure out what’s happening with our money every month haha!

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I would love it if they would allow you to order a different coloured top up card for each pot.
So you would have one central account with your normal debit card; then as many top up cards as you like which you fund from your central account.
Yellow card for entertainment; green card for shopping; blue for expenses etc.
Would be great for keeping to spending target and if you’re out for the night and you lose your entertainment card then it’s no biggy - it’s not your full account card you’ve lost…and so on!


Sounds incredibly wasteful.

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Wasteful :thinking:? As in not very environmentally friendly?

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Never thought of that!

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I have previously seen mentions (I can’t remember where or by whom) of a virtualised version of this similar to the online virtual cards idea but specifically for pots.

This way would allow the virtual card for each pot to be selected via Apple/Google Pay prior to payment

(Anthony) #35

This is very unlikely; it is indeed very environmentally wasteful

(Simon) #36

Agreed, plus I wouldn’t want to carry about 8 debit cards and have to find the right colour every time I want to buy something…


Amex will give you multiple cards on the same account.

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Eco pvc!!!

(Ruinedstatus) #39

Eco pvc! It’s biodegradable. Perhaps not as wasteful.
Giving the option of choosing payment digitally from pots or using a physical card tied to a pot would suit a larger user base! Not everyone uses Apple Pay etc…and sometimes mobiles / watches run out battery at inopportune times :slight_smile:

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I have just moved into a property with my 2 friends and we all have Monzo cards.

I was wondering if it would be possible for one of us to get an additional card to set up our bills from. Is this possible to have 2 cards?



I’m not sure if you are meaning an extra account or an extra card here?

If the card was linked to the same account what would be benefit be?

I don’t believe this is possible at the moment.

What I would look forward to is incoming payment categorisation, so money sent by friends could not count against the outgoing bill amount.