Moving money and direct debits

Hi just joined so forgive me if in wrong area. Im looking to move DD from one bank to monzo. Is this possible for a Spanish account. I would like to transfer currency from ofx to monzo account and pay Spanish utilities via the monzo account. Is this possible ? and is it fee free unlike Spanish banks now charging a quarterly bank account fee. Are monzo bank accounts free banking too, by this I mean no fees for having an account. Guys and girls thanks in advance for your support.

Hi Barry,

Monzo does not charge for Direct Debit transactions, if you want to switch your direct debits without going through CASS (Current Account Switching Service), you can contact the provider and give them your new details and the direct debit will be assigned to your Monzo account.

Result thanks Tim :+1::+1::+1::+1:

I very much doubt that you could pay direct debits to Spanish companies from your Monzo account as those companies wouldn’t be signed up to the UK direct debit system.


Get Revolut - you can do european direct debits via a euro account with them. You can have a separate GBP wallet for over here

Monese another option. Either would be better in your situation.

It’d be a manual process to move them over though.

Cheers Rexx much appreciated