Spanish direct debits

Hi. I’m new here and researching Monzo as an alternative to using a Spanish bank.

I live in uk and have a house in Spain. I use a Spanish bank(Sabadell) who are ok but a bit expensive for taxes, insurance and utilities. All of this is done direct debits to Sabadell. I also use Sabadell debit card for my day to day spending when here. I use TransferWise to move money from uk to Sabadell

Can I use Monzo for these direct debits?

Thanks for reading. Mike

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AFAIK the answer to that is no.

I’m not aware of a better solution than TransferWise, but If you find one, do please let me know.

I use Currencies Direct. I’m not recommending them, as the rate isn’t as good as TransferWise, but they do send funds to foreign banks by Direct Debit. So you can send however much you need per month (or three months).

If you’re a fan of not coral (pun intentional), there’s a Spanish fintech that’s (intentionally? :thinking:) a bit Monzo-like:

(Yes, I read it as Brexit too :pensive:)

I too operate in both the UK and Spain and what you want to do is already achievable with both Starling and Revolut. Starling now offer a Euro account and, following some teething problems, I am now in the process of transferring some DDs from a Spanish Bank to Starling. I have previously tried them on Revolut and they deffo work with that option too. Hope this helps.


Imaginbank from Spain’s CaixaBank also operates a completely fee-free app based Bank. Paying in Cash & cheques is simple too via the extensive ATM network of CaixaBank.

Thank you for the info I will look at these options.


That’s good to hear. If you are happy to share, what sort of teething problems did you have?

Hey! No probs. Initially, the IBAN/BIC combination was not being recognised in Euro land but, hopefully anyway, this bug had now been resolved. Will keep you updated here.

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Ah right. Probably the same issues Monzo had in the early days of the current account.

I’m all here for the Starling euro account - indeed, I have one! But I’m gonna need a debit card sooner or later, please…

(I know they’re trying to be all fancy and combine accounts onto one card, but a chap can only wait so long!)


The Debit Card will be a welcome addition to the account, for sure. One card, however, linked to multiple accounts is nothing new. Citibank in the UK have been offering this option for a number of years now.

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