Moving House - Broadband Question

(Simmy) #1

Hi guys …

Moving into my new home next month, i’ve requested the broadband line to be transferred over for when I move in. ISP is BT

Has anybody else had a line transferred, did it go smoothly ?

BT Home Move
(Andre Borie) #2

Depends who your provider is and what kind of technology (VDSL vs real fiber vs Virgin Media aka HFC).

Might be worth seeing if your new property has better choice of providers available (Virgin Media or even HyperOptic) before moving your current DSL (I assume) broadband. It would be stupid to keep using DSL if better stuff is available.

(MikeF) #3

For those of us not blessed with infinite financial resources, cost becomes a factor that may override potential download speed. “Stupid” isn’t the only decision point…

(Ryan Kirk) #4

What you’d also need to factor in is if there is still someone currently in your new property. If so and they already have broadband and you place a new order, this will go through as a line takeover. If the date you want to take the line over is before their move out date and your move in date, it’s likely the order will reject as they’ll tell their current supplier they’re not moving out on that date and cancel the request.

I work in broadband tech so I see this happen often.
It can take anywhere from 7-14 days however can exceed this on some occasions if there are any delays with the order etc.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

(Andre Borie) #5

Didn’t intend to be rude. Virgin Media is about the same price as an equivalent DSL connection but you get like twice the speed if not more, so if you’re out of contract and have Virgin available in your area it would be foolish not to take the deal.

(Andre Borie) #6

Only if you’re taking over existing DSL service. Virgin Media or Hyperoptic won’t change anything regarding DSL, in fact they can coexist just fine.

(Craig A Rodway) #7

From recent experience, moving DSL took around 2-3 weeks. It included provision for installing/re-activating the line (as the new property didn’t have an active one) and so was relying on Openreach’s lead times.

I placed the move order on 14th August and was given an install date of 31st August.

Best thing to do would be to contact your current provider and enquire about it.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #8

Agreed, I was paying £35 for crappy Sky 30Mb and had to have a phone I never used.

I now pay £29 for 100Mb and TV with Virgin (and a phone I don’t use)

(Matijaz Pecnik) #9

I don’t consider Virgin “real” fibre. Only real fibre IMHO is FTTH (not FTTP) and in the UK there is no provider that does it :roll_eyes:

(Andre Borie) #10

Agreed. I never said Virgin was real fibre (and I wish all these scammers would be fined for false advertising) but it’s nevertheless an upgrade compared to rusty DSL.

(Only available in amateur ) #11

Copper doesn’t rust


(Craig A Rodway) #12

I was with Virgin for a few years, and the stability, reliability and line quality wasn’t that great. Yes, the raw speed was higher than DSL, but that means nothing if you don’t have a connection in the first place.

In the end, it was down for hours at a time, nearly every day, for a month. Support were useless. That’s when I gave up on them and got the BT line activated. Never had a problem since :+1: :slight_smile:

(Simmy) #13

Same here. Been with BT nearly 2 years and never had a problem


I’ve been with Virgin for almost a decade and not had any problems really. Yes, things happen from time to time but I feel reliability is high in my area. Luckily my street cabinet is just across the road. It is also pretty hard, with a domestic line, to beat them on download speed.

(keithy) #15

Virgin is great when it works…


in fairness to them, their new networks are full fibre to the home.
I had VM installed a few weeks ago, and was pleasantly surprised to find them installing fibre to a little converter box on the external wall, with a short coax run from there


Genuine question, why does it take so long to switch? I can’t image why it takes weeks? Especially if the provider your switching too already covers that address?

(Richard) #18


Think BT is rolling it out… but largely limited to new builds, I certainly know the house i’m buying is going to have FTTH.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #19

My sister has BT and the fiber goes to the door and in to a big box in the corner, they had a separate cable run over the phone line

(Jai Sullivan) #20

FTTH is FTTP? Just different terminology.