Moving House - Broadband Question

You can get 300mbps+ via DSL now if you’re lucky :wink:

Zen is who I moved to after Virgin’s issues in my area. They’ve been fantastic and, as I mostly work from home, it’s exactly what I need :slight_smile:

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It’s my understanding that hyperoptic run fibre to a block of flats and then run ethernet from there kit to each individual flat. So I would call that fibre to the premises. If you have a house then ftth and fttp are the same.

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One of the things I’d stress that you do do is make damn sure the new property has the connectivity you want.

I’m in the unfortunate situation of renting a new-build property which BT’s DSL checker stated would support FTTC based on the postcode. When I moved in, it turned out that the developer hadn’t paid OpenReach to put the FTTC connectivity in place and the best I could get was mediocre ADSL2 direct-to-the-exchange. There’s apparently no legal obligation for new residential properties to have anything better than a phone line available.

In hindsight I should’ve added FTTC in the conditions for renting the property that I filled out when making the initial application.

@anon23935806 is quite right in encouraging you to double check what other providers are available too, since it can definitely vary. I wouldn’t personally touch Virgin Media again but I recognise they’re decent enough for a lot of people.

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How do i check it is Fibre ready ? Once i know the postcode and phone number do I call up BT and check ?

Surely most places should be Fibre Ready, especially properties which are fairly new?

should i use this checker ?

Surely most places should be Fibre Ready, especially properties which are fairly new

You’d be surprised.

A lot of people either straight out don’t care about fibre, or believe the false advertising that VDSL is “fibre”, and as a result in 90% of cases you end up stuck with some variant of DSL that the landlord believes is fibre (but won’t admit it even if you manage to explain to them they’ve been conned).

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The postcode check is not necessarily accurate, you want to ideally use the phone number with it for checking FTTC/ADSL availability.

Hyperoptic/Virgin Media will have their own checking tools, I think.

There’s no legal requirement and OpenReach charge for developments that form < 30 properties.

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I’m trialling my parents address on that website just to test but it says there’s no information.

I tried

Which both seem to work better

Did you try with their landline number?

yes and it says "There is no data available for this number. This could be either because it is not a BT line or it is a new BT number that has just been provided. Most new numbers will appear on the checker 24 hours after BT has installed the line. "

They currently have VIrgin

I contacted BT just now and they said use " "

Did you use the number of the underlying copper pair or the number that their provider has set up? A lot of DSL providers give you a “landline” as VoIP on top of the DSL connection so the landline number you get from them has nothing to do with the actual BT line that you want to check.


Not too sure mate. Once i find where im living and have a postcode i’m sure BT will advise me as to wether they cover that area for fibre or i’ll use the checker they told me to use :slight_smile:

Just make sure you get confirmation in writing. Don’t trust what low-wage salespeople tell you on the phone.

Fair enough. There’s two BT checkers i can use to make sure

I’d always use the Openreach one… that’s the one with information in regards to the overall Openreach network which all suppliers can use as opposed to just BT’s broadband checker :slight_smile:


Moving into my new home next month, i’ve requested the broadband line to be transferred over for when I move in. ISP is BT

Has anybody else had a line transferred, did it go smoothly ?

Checked the member area of BT just now, earlier they were going on about a " Cease " and its now saying the home moves been cancelled, so i call up and apparently we wont have any update on whats going on until the 16th january. what a joke

suppose i better stock up on DVDs and xbox games

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Did you really expect anything different with BT? :joy:

Other than them taking ages to activate my line when i first joined them, they have been spot on

Anybody on here with BT done a " home-move " before? I just want to know how good they are at the transfer ?

I put my initial home move order in last month on the 13th december to be transferred over on the 4th jan when i move in.

On the 17th I had a " fault " notification in My BT and was told It’s because the current tenants line ( the one im using now ) ceases on the 18th on jan, which is fair enough. So they put a new home move order in.

The only thing is, in my last property it took them ages to get me activated and im hoping this doesn’t happen again?