Full Switch Query

I’ve just joined Monzo, Setup a joint about and in the middle of a full switch, Messed up the first time and did the full switch on my own account and not the joint account to had to cancel, was early so it’s all good.
I’ve got through a load of notifications today about DD being set up, Wondering how these are used if i have a bill coming out in a day or 2 but my balance from my old account hasn’t been transferred yet. Should i take it out my old account or just leave it.

Also wondering how the change savings option on the pots work. I’ve used my account to pay for something and assumed the change left over in my account (EG £xxx.25p) would be put into the pot i’ve checked with that option.

Leave it in your old account as this is where any direct debits will continue to come from until your old account is closed

If you have round ups on in a pot and you make a card payment over £1 then yes the change will be put in that pot

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Round up transactions does exactly that. If you spend £22.50 on your card, the amount is rounded up to the nearest pound (£23.00) and the change (50p) is put in your pot. This won’t happen on non-card transactions, or on those that are < £1.

Edit: As @glasgow says.

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That makes sense, I did a transfer to someone bank to pay for something and wondered why the change hadn’t rounded off. So i was wondering if it worked a different way. Thanks for clearing that up for me.