Move transactions from personal to joint account & vice versa

Don’t think this has been suggested before - apologies if I’m wrong.

Background: I like to keep my wallet minimal, so don’t tend to carry my joint account card around with me, relying on my phone to pay for things out of my joint account. However, some places limit phone payments, or occasionally I have my wallet but not my phone to hand, and on those occasions I often pay with my personal account, and then have to transfer the money back to my personal account from the joint account.

Feature request: So, it would be great if, shortly after making a payment from one account, I could tap that transaction in the Monzo app and choose ‘Move to ___ account’, and have it look exactly as if the transaction had come out of the other account.

I appreciate that there might be bank-y reasons why that’s not OK, because presumably the recipient needs to have a route back to the account that the payment was really made from, but even if all it could do would be to make it look like the payment came out of the other account, that would be great.


It’s perfectly possible in theory. It’s already available by using a Curve Card to keep your wallet skinny and to move transactions between accounts after the event. Unfortunately, they don’t (yet) support Apple Pay.