Accidental spending on joint account instead of sole account


I seem to do this quite frequently. It’s not too hard to move money to cover it off - but I think this should be slicker.

I should be able to move the actual payment between accounts ideally. Curve offers this with time machine.

Alternatively, being able to select a payment on the joint account - and pressing a button to cross charge to my sole account would be good.

Or at very least - why can’t I “split the bill” from my joint account to my sole account? It doesn’t let me select myself and if I do it using a link for a non-monzo user. That fails too as it realises it’s me when I try to pay.

Would be good to get a slicker solution so I don’t have to check the amount, remember it, switch account, send it over, then go and add notes to both accounts to remind me and explain to the joint account holder.


Hey @simonhunter87, I’m a big user of the joint account as well, and would love to see more features for it.

But I’m personally not sure what you are suggesting is necessarily development time well spent (IMHO).

Ultimately, the two accounts (joint and sole) are completely separate, with different (all be it, almost identical) debit cards. Colour aside, it’s no different to having a Barclays and a Monzo card in your wallet.

I can 100% see an argument for a joint account that is noticeably different from the sole account colour, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen given the love for Hot Coral.

If you find yourself doing this quite frequently, have you considered using Curve exclusively (linked to joint and sole Monzo cards?)

Or you could even have your Curve card exclusively for Monzo sole, with your Monzo joint Hot Coral debit card as the other card (or vice versa obviously :grinning:)


Just out of curiosity, why do you end up doing this? Is it because the cards are so similar?


I wouldn’t say that they’re separate at all.

You need to have a Monzo current account to get a joint account and that is what is different to most other banks. As you know, throughout the joint account section of the app, it shows your connected current account in a variety of ways too. There’s even a ‘Move money between your Monzo accounts’ option already there, so it knows which accounts are connected to it.

Therefore, I think the infrastructure is certainly there and it shouldn’t be much work to add a few triggers to move money between the two. I think the UX part would take the most time :slight_smile:


I see your point, but it’s no different to Nationwide showing me all of my accounts on one screen.

Doesn’t mean they are tightly intertwined.

I guess my point was not that the idea was bad, because it would be a small victory for some people no doubt.

More that there are existing solutions to stop this issue happening in the first place, and given the sheer amount of development Monzo need to do in other places, this must be very low on their list :grinning:


Yeah that’s a good point also :rofl:

I seem to recall a topic on here of ways that people had customised their joint account card in order to make them to stand out more. This could also help the OP :slight_smile:

For me the issue is a little bit that the cards look the same but this is a rare issue.

It’s more for in app payments where the card is saved.

As you said - this could happen with any card. But if it happened with another bank - the app allows me to split the bill with that other bank and get it paid there 100% with easy balancing/traceability. Monzo doesn’t allow this between sole and joint accounts. One of the many ways that it isn’t the same as using another bank’s joint account.

E.g. I usually Uber with my partner and it works fine. When I Uber solo I’m usually in a hurry and end up putting on the joint account by mistake as it defaults to this.

Similar with the Tesco pay+ app. It has my joint account added not my sole. But very occasionally I’m just buying something for myself.

I only carry the curve card but most of my purchases with issues are done through an app. And I don’t really use physical cards - and curve doesn’t support Google pay yet.


Ah ok, that makes more sense.

Having not used split the bill, how much easier is it than a simple bank transfer?

The reason is more for traceability purposes. So when I go back through and see a random charge ii understand it. Rather than there being another amount a few days later that I also don’t understand


I’ve often used the “Move Money” button to quickly rectify a mistake, or if I’ve paid for something on the Joint Account that isn’t 100% shared (Like Groceries + Stuff For Me in the same shop).

So that is a lot quicker than my other Joint Account at Santander.

It would be really good though if in “Share the Cost” section under a transaction there was a “Move Money” button there too, that pre-loads the transaction amount into the move function.

It seems like you cannot set up a shared tab between a Joint Account and Yourself - which would be handy for these scenarios too I suppose.

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Yes I’ve found this too (have a joint account elsewhere), you have to remember to switch your payment card depending on the circumstances. Amazon and Apple pay are the main problems for me. It’d be nice if Apple Pay remembered on a per app basis which was the last card used (not a Monzo problem).

Shame you can’t move transactions between accounts (for obvious reasons) but this idea of moving money with attribution would be an interesting one for Monzo to explore with their own joint account. They could even let you ‘move’ a transaction by hiding it in one feed and adding a balancing transaction in another, but there would have to be some way to show the original one. Would be a nice idea for Monzo to explore though, to let people undo mistakes.

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I agree. Masterpass payment in the Co-op pay in aisle all has been the worst for me as you just can’t change the card without contacting support!

Where you say for obvious reasons - you can do exactly that with Curve. Would be great if Monzo did this themselves. It refunds and recharges on the correct card

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+1 for a time machine integration or a slick curve like retrospective payment allocation. There are times where I end up having to transfer money between accounts (which is easy btw) but I end up with lots of odd monetary amounts in my transaction lists and you start to loose accountability of why the money has been transferred. There is certainly an opportunity to develop some nice features here, especially because all joint account users have to have a personal account too.


This has happened with me before so would love to see a feature like this somehow

Or the card to be a little bit more obviously a joint account (I know it says it but maybe a different design)

Another idea close to this is to be able to ‘settle’ a bill through the joint account instead of your account. I split a bill for lunch with friends over the weekend and it automatically goes to the person’s account (as it should be) but for users of joint account it might be nice to have the option to pay a shared bill through their joint account too!

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