Feature Request: "pay yourself back from joint account" button

Often I’ll go shopping and forget to pay with the joint account (as my personal account is the primary card on my phone).

It would be lovely if I could tap on an individual transaction “Tesco - £24.56” and then tap “Pay yourself back from joint account”.

Otherwise I have to go down the “move money” route and type in the amount manually.


I sometimes do this and for simplicity just split bill with my partner (whom the joint account is with).

It’s much quicker and easier, so this might be a workaround for you in the meantime.

It’s a nice idea, but my partner and I don’t put the same amount in to the joint account - doing % of income rather than absolute amount - so going down the “split the bill” route would mean more maths to work out what we should each pay.

Split bill doesn’t split it 50/50, you can set it to be whatever you want. Along with the added benefit of a paper trail so you know what it’s for. Whereas if you move funds, it’s just money in/out and it isn’t tied to a transaction.

I unfortunately can’t see this coming anytime soon, but at least you have two options to keep you going in the mean time. Split bill and ‘move money’ are two features to easily move funds between your accounts :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to vote for your own idea too :wink:

I think it’s a good idea. Curve can do a time machine thing for connected cards. Monzo should implement it in a similar fashion – swap transaction between accounts until it settles.

Not sure how easy it would be though

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This idea seems similar to:

The equivalent to the above for buisness accounts is also on the buisness accounts Trello:

Move expenses paid on personal account to business account (and vice versa)

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