Select account for payments

It would be great if, after paying for something via card, you could open the transaction in the app and select for it to be posted against another monzo account. So if I’ve paid for something with my personal account I could one tap transfer that to my joint account, instead of having to run through a transfer :blush:

Neat idea! Welcome to the community.

While you are waiting for Monzo to implement this (maybe sometime never, to be fair), Curve offer a service which would accomplish this.

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That’s actually an amazing idea

Of course it only works for them, but I was very impressed by how well the equivalent functionality worked for Uber. Instant refund to my Monzo account and then took from intended work card instead. Say what else you must about them, but Uber have a modern and first rate payment system

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This would be fantastic.

If anyone wants this, don’t forget to vote!

I think this work one of two ways:

  • Select a pot / connected external account and it transparently happens using your Monzo card; or
  • A simple option on the transaction to move it, then have that amount move to/from a pot.


(It’s unlikely to happen :frowning:)