Making subtler elements of features clearer to all?

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This seems to come up an awful lot, it’s definitely something that I missed and was initially frustrated by when pots launched. :rocket:

Is there a way Monzo could highlight this better, or some of the subtler elements of feature launches to all users?

Not everything is intuitive, and not everyone reads blogs / community / emails from companies.

I’d imagine a task recorder style demo alongside in app notifications of new features could word well?

Alternatively for things like this, a little dismissible (one time only) ‘did you know’ style pop up when on the pots screen.

Just worried that knee jerk confusion/frustration could lead to less engagement/friction with features which could otherwise be significant converters if landing better?


The tutorial section when you first create a pot looks like the perfect place to put details like this. The information would fit nicely here:


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Yes perfect, couldn’t find a shot of this - even simpler :raised_hands:t2:


I know that Monzo are busy working on big new stuff (yay :raised_hands:) - but I think this is a candidate for a tweak to the design / polishing existing features over time. If it needs to be explained, it’s clearly not optimal :pensive:


Nobody looks at popups and demos though. Better to redesign the UI to make it more obvious… it’s not evident at all that the value can be clicked, so add a button that does the same thing on the screen? It’s the kind of thing that AB testing is perfect for :stuck_out_tongue:

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Make the monetary value the same colour as the clickable + and -