Morrisons Petrol vs. Morrisons Grocery


Can you categorise all the past transactions as well or will it be only for future ones?

(Tim) #22

Just future ones :+1:

(Jamie) #23

I never even realised I could use my Monzo card for pay at pump! Going back to the old pre-pay card that wouldn’t work, I just assumed the new ones wouldn’t either

(Andy) #24

All accounts are now fully functioning current accounts and work just like any other high street bank account

(Jamie) #25

I have a Natwest account and can’t use that card for pay at pump either so thought the Monzo one would be the same as it was when my account was pre-pay because I wasn’t told any differently. Good to know

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #26

Oh snap! :tada::tada:

It works :wink: (not that I doubted it would :joy:)

Just been to Morrisons, notification had a petrol pump and the category was set to transport :heart_eyes:
Just grabbing a bite to eat now from the store itself, will check that it’s still got the right category :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m sure it will haha

Thanks for the amazing work here! :tada: