Morrisons fuel pumps

(Graham - Mental health professional) #1

Can’t see any specific reference to Morrisons fuel stations so I apologise if I’ve missed it.
Is there still an issue with acceptance at Morrisons’ fuel pumps, please?

(Tom Warren) #2

If you are referring to ‘pay at pump’ then yes, unfortunately. Machines of this nature do not like prepaid cards, rest assured this won’t be an issue when the current account launches :wink:

(Rika Raybould) #3

In general, pay at pump systems do not support prepaid cards as the final amount is not known at the time the card is being authorised.

This will be fixed with the rollout of current accounts and full debit cards.

Pay at kiosk should work with Monzo, however I’d always recommend carrying a backup card, especially as petrol stations aren’t too happy about non-payment! :worried:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

As Tom says, there’s just a blanket known issue for this -

(Graham - Mental health professional) #5

Thanks for that Richard

(Tom Warren) #6

Also worth noting if you don’t make payment, you can get charged £100 plus fuel costs if you don’t pay within a week (or it was that back in the day when I worked at a petrol station, at Sainsbury’s).

(c-m) #7

The card is unlikely to work in anything that requires pre-authorisation.

Fuel pumps (those abroad don’t like UK debit card anyway), toll roads, even some hotels.

One of the rules of travel is always carry a credit card, and a back up card in addition to your main card for currency spending.

(Nathan Voller) #8

As you’re at Morrisons it might be worth knowing that contactless doesn’t work there :cry: Due to misconfigured terminals apparently

Morrisons, My Local and Superdrug decline contactless transactions - chip and pin should go through fine

(Graeme ) #9

The contactless payments at Morrisons are now working. Paid with this this afternoon at my local store

(Johnny Ellwood) #10

Shop at morrisons quite a lot and never had a problem with contactless, however i did have an issue at a local petrol station where it wouldn’t accept contactless or chip and pin.

(Nathan Voller) #11

That’s great news, thanks for letting us know. I’ll have to give it a go next time I’m in one of their stores