More warning of upcoming standing order payments

As a user I would like to see upcoming standing order payment on my feed just like you do it for direct debit payments. Also I would like to be notified 1-2 days before the scheduled payment date if there is insufficient funds for standing order to go through. Finally, it would be nice if such behavior was configurable on per standing order basis.


I’m down with all this, except maybe “it would be nice if such behavior was configurable on per standing order basis.” I’d forget what different settings I’d set for different things and I’d be confused. :confused:


Agree could get confusing. Maybe at least it could just have the little ‘x’ on the right hand side like you have on some other non-transaction feed items so you can get rid of it easily, like…

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I would also like to be able to retry failed standing order payment. Also to get a notification if such a payment failed. Now it failed silently and I wouldn’t have even noticed it if I didn’t check the feed.


Any news of upcoming standing orders to show in the feed. My pots payments going in do and so do does my pay.

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New to Monzo, preparing to switch and excited!

Showing projections of your balance based on your scheduled payments would be useful.

Be able to set your pay date in the app, and enable the app to calculate the money you have ‘spare’ removing any forecasted scheduled payments.

Well your be very pleased to know it already does all of the above you have mentioned. It’s a fab little feature. :+1:

Amazing, I must not have quite got there yet!

It’s the summary tab you need but if you’re brand new you probably need to wait a month as it slowly works out what your scheduled payments are as they happen this month.

I’ve got SOs due to come out on Monday (next working day) but these aren’t showing in my feed. Im sure I could previously see them alongside upcoming DDs.

Think this works on next day, not next working day (I’ve seen this in our Joint Account for bills, you see the same in Personal account for any scheduled payment/standing order)

Cheers. Makes sense

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Yeah, only on the weekends does the SO not show in the feed on a Friday, or Saturday but still ok will updating on a Sunday :wink:

Whilst it’s amazing that Monzo shows future transactions, that does not seem to include Standing Orders? Can this be added, as surely they are even more predictable then Direct Debits?

Context: I have a Standing Order from personal Monzo acc to shared Monzo acc on 1st of every month. Monzo controls both ends of this, and neither acc show the future Standing Order. In fact, Monzo notified me that payments may be declined from my shared acc because it has not considered the inbound Standing Order on the same day.

Thanks, JH

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Ok, that’s good to know I guess. But if the logic for DDs is next working day, and for SOs is next actual day, then we’re likely to get “potential declined payment” messages quite often? Surely the logic for both payment types needs to line-up?


@jamoiholland I have moved you post to here to keep the conversation going

Righto, still getting this problem, every month in fact. Standing Order from personal Monzo to joint Monzo is due tomorrow, it will cover all the Direct Debit payments due in the joint account tomorrow, but I’ve had 3 notifications today that I have a problem. We’re in working/business days this time, so Monzo really doesn’t seem to get it?

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