More varied transfer scheduling and pot-to-pot transfers

There’s already a good variety of scheduling options, but I’d love to see the ability to add more complex versions, such as the “Second last working day”. This is useful in my specific case because I have a third-party savings pot - which needs 1 working day to withdraw from - and payments that go out on the 1st of each month from a bills pot.

If I want to schedule a withdrawal from my savings and a transfer to the bills (or in other words, schedule a transfer from savings to bills), I would have to take account of if the last day of the month is a working day or not. If it is, a withdrawal from savings on the last working day eg 31/05/23 would not arrive in my account until 1/6/23, while the same schedule from personal to bills would be taken 31/5/23. The ideal solution would be to withdraw from savings on the day before the last working day to ensure there are funds available to be transferred to bills.

Even better would be if I could just schedule on the second last working day to withdraw £X from savings into bills to cover first of the month payments.


Hi. Welcome.

Is very popular and there were/are whispers that it might be “soon”

For the scheduled transfers, have a search and you’ll find dozens of threads about it each with someones precise requirements. Nothing happened on that front yet.

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This feels really useful. Cheeky tag to @giorgio

I get paid on the last working day. I want to set up standing orders for last working day + one day.

This morning I spent too much time changing a few regular standing orders that go out on the last day of the month. Only if you do it today (31st May) Monzo defaults to recurring every 30th. So I end up doing it twice: one to make it recur from 31st July and one as hoc payment on 30th June.

Scheduled payments (standing orders and pot deposits/withdrawals) need some love. :crossed_fingers:

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This is particularly true because I could easily create a last working day+1 formula in excel (or even last working day + 1 working day), so why shouldn’t I be able to do that here?

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Because it’s a banking app for the masses.

Have you looked at the savings pot on offer from Monzo? This has a good rate now and there’s no waiting, it’s instant access.

I actually hadn’t seen them until yesterday - I’ve now swapped to one of those pots instead which largely resolves my specific issues. The scheduling is still fairly basic, however.

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Although to make life inconvenient, you can only have one of them and you can’t schedule withdrawals.

@Heldiney @chloelawrence worth thinking about as we look at payments!