Schedule savings pots withdrawals by date the money lands in your account

Now I’ll defer to Rapid Reaction @Revels, but I don’t think this has been suggested before…

I’m going to set up a number of third party savings pots so I can schedule withdrawals from them. (Monzo’s artificial limitations on their native savings pot are to blame).

Now, I think you can schedule withdrawals by day. But the money will land the next working day. That means that if I want the money to hit me on the 1st (which I do) I either have to work out the earliest date that would ever be necessary (something like the 25th taking into account February and bank holiday weekends?), accept that some months it’ll be late or just do it manually.

So here’s my request: be able to schedule savings pot withdrawals for when they arrive, rather than when they leave.

(If it happens to do this already, or others have a good workaround I’m all ears :ear:)


As it involves a third party provider, I doubt Monzo will take on this role for its customers too tbh.

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I probably haven’t been clear enough :man_facepalming:

This request isn’t for Monzo to front up the money early (although it would be nice if they could).

Instead it’s a bit of logic to say that if I need to the money for the 1st of every month, then Monzo can give the third party the working day before notice on whatever day that falls. Rather than me having to do it manually and schedule each month independently.


I think you’re asking for a nice quality of life thing here, but honestly, you know the terms of your account and you can just schedule it for the day before you’ll need it. And I say that as someone who rarely looks at an idea with skepticism!


This is wishful thinking as banks aren’t going to change how they work. Suggest using the 1st of month as the day for moving money to avoid the aforementioned problems with the different number of days in various months. This way can have the 7th as the day money must be in account by at the latest (this allows for 3 bank holidays plus a weekend).

I currently do this, but (and this may just be an issue with the new home page) it shows the scheduled withdrawals as arriving in my personal account on the day of the withdrawal. But as they’re from savings pots, they’ll arrive on the next working day.

It even sometimes shows them twice for a period of time (the day they’re withdrawn and the following day when they’ll actually arrive).

The reason it would be helpful if Monzo were to do this is that it’s much easier for their computers to know when a withdrawal needs to take place (regarding weekends/bank holidays etc) than for us just picking a date in the Monzo app.