Scheduled pot transferred before all others

Hi everyone,

I have recently set up several scheduled transfers into pots. They are all to take place on 31st (today). I had these set up before, but had to delete and start again.

So far I’ve had only one transfer to pot happen. It’s now nearly 12pm on the 31st.

Does anyone know, how do the pots determine what time/what order they go through?


On the basis these are standing orders, then it’s as I understand it totally random and there’s no way of determining the order. I’ve been caught out before with this. Someone who knows more might be able to add detail.

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I think there’s a universally agreed order to these things. But when you said you re-did them, do you mean today? Or before today?

Oh no sorry I redid them about 25 days ago. It’s no big deal as long as they all go through at some point today, I just wondered really about the order and whether all the rest will go through together later or something. (fingers crossed).

If you go in to payments, then press “Scheduled” top right, are they listed there?

Yep all listed with the 31st as date.

In the past Monzo have told me they can’t guarantee that the payments will happen in a particular order for the Standing orders (SOs). They said it typically went Salary, DD, SOs if I remember right. But when it came to the order of SOs, they just “happened” and suggested to space them out over a few days if one had to happen before the other


I don’t have an order they need to happen in per se.

We are at 3.30pm now and still no others have transferred! I shall keep people updated! Haha.

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