More types of insurance options for Monzo plus

I’m a Monzo plus user. Happy with the value it offers from showing other accounts and credit interest but don’t use many of the other features. I did have an idea about whether more types of insurance would be possible. I don’t really need device or travel insurance but would find hire car or bike/ebike insurance really helpful. Just an idea though!

I guess there’s a limit to the number of insurance products they can add before it becomes too expensive.

Would you pay £30pm for hire car and bike insurance?

The original plan was a pick n’ mix style plan but it was canned because it was deemed “too complex”.

Therefore the only way you’re going to see car or bike insurance is if they launch another tier and even then it will likely come bundled with other things you don’t find useful - after all this is how these kind of things make money when you don’t use everything.

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