Credit card with insurance

I was wondering whether anyone has any good advice on credit cards with insurance, what interests me in particular is insurance that covers rental cars liabilities, and also whether it is something that Monzo is looking into offering their clients.

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I don’t have any advice on your first question I’m afraid but I’m sure others will!

To answer this, I expect that this is the type of service that Monzo will enable you to purchase through their marketplace.

It sounds like this will work a bit like a price comparison site & you’ll be given a choice of providers to choose from. I like the idea of being able to choose the appropriate cover for me, rather than having to go with the one option that my legacy bank provides…I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this too :slight_smile:

In case you’re interested, there’s been some more discussion about how travel insurance could be made ‘smart’ here too -

I use for car hire excess insurance, very competitive daily and annual rates and much cheaper than the rip-off fees they try to charge you at the car hire desk. Not sure that a credit card perk could better the cover I’d get from these people and the peace of mind is worth the few extra quid imo.

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Marketplaces are great, but if this ‘one option’ would be a fairly priced package that would look like a good deal, I’d rather go with a package.

Right, a single solution probably wouldn’t suit all users though :grimacing: & aside from anything else, competition usually results in lower prices.