More than one joint account

Can you have more than one joint account?

I already have a joint account with my wife but I want to know if you can have another one with a different person?

I want to open another joint account with my brother to sort out my late mother’s finances so we both have access to the account.

Thank you

It’s not currently possible to have more than one joint account, sorry.

First of all, my condolences on your loss.

To answer your question, you can’t have more than one joint account, and it’s unlikely a joint account would be the most appropriate one to have in this situation anyway.

An Executor’s Account is likely to be the most appropriate option, but Monzo don’t offer those. Depending on which bank you use, I believe you should be able to grant access to more than one exector - so you and your brother would both be able to have access.

The best thing to do is speak to the bank your mother’s account is already with and see if they can offer you an Executor’s account (or convert your mother’s existing account in to one).


Thank you for your condolences and the replies. Ok I will look into a executors account with my own bank.

We weren’t offered one with her bank when we told them about her death so they could freeze the account.

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NatWest offer this type of account:

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Thank you, I have looked at this. My main bank account is with NatWest so am going to give them a call about it hopefully it will be easy to set up as I already have an account with them.

Thank you again.