Joint accounts for more than 2 people

Hi Monzo,

We are in a throuple and were wondering if Monzo joint accounts will ever support more than 2 people?


Anything more than two probably becomes overly complex.

Some high street banks may have the ability to do this, I think Barclays or Lloyds do/did have an option.

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Thank you

Not exactly what you’re looking for, I know, but the shared tabs feature might go some of the way to managing money between three of you, at least in terms of spending.

Savings though… banking has only just gotten to the point where it semi-successfully handles couples without sharing a surname. It’s very behind the times. :pensive:


My mum and I had trouble setting up a joint digital account (Monzo rejected her ID video!) and ended up with a ‘vault’ in Revolut as a workaround. I believe you can share a vault with whoever you like. It has limitations, but it’s quite useful for saving together. We use it for Christmas funds. Might be worth a look :wink:

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