Multiple joint accounts on Monzo

I have a joint account with my brother on Monzo. This is all set up fine and works as required.

I want to now create a joint account with my partner. The app wont let me, nor my partner, set one up with the other person.

Is there a way to set up multiple joint accounts? I want to move everything to Monzo, but unless I can set up this second joint account I will be tied to my old bank.



You can’t have multiples of accounts unfortunately.

I don’t know your uses for the accounts and if one/both are intended for bills. But could shared tabs and splitting bills maybe work better for you and your brother? And have the joint account with your partner?

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You can’t have multiple joint accounts.

Also bear in mind that this connects you both financially which can have severe consequences on your credit rating if one person starts to lose control. Choose wisely who you create one with.

I own a property with my brother, so having a joint account with him helps in terms of outgoings for this. I am not sure if shared tabs and splitting bills would be sufficient, unfortunately.

Thanks for the help anyway!

Thanks for the heads up. I think my sibling and partner’s credit ratings are fine, but this is useful advice nonetheless!


Have you considered a business account instead? Those can have multiple cards and will help you more with business related expenses such as tax.

Maybe, although we haven’t set this up as a business.

I would assume that to set up a business account we would need to first register a company?

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