Multiple joint accounts but with different people for each one

There are several posts related to multiple joint accounts but in the main these appear to be requesting a variation of the current joint account functionality albeit with the same person.

I currently operate a joint account and I would like the ability to open further joint accounts and for each one to be with a different person. Is this functionality on any roadmap?

Curious as to the use case - it is not something that had occurred to me in the past that would be useful

Hi Rob,

Here’s a use case: A Monzo account holder, who already has a joint account, has co-funded the purchase of a buy-to-let property with their partner/child/sibling/friend etc. The agreement is that once all running costs are taken from the rental income, any profit is then shared. Having a joint account ensures full transparency even if the mortgage is only with one of the account holders.

A further use case, on a similar vein, is the bank of mum & dad have co-funded a house purchase with their child. The agreement is that lodgers will be installed and any ‘profit’ after bills will be used to pay back the parents. The joint account ensures full transparency.

Where can I sign up to this bank of mum and dad :thinking:

In all seriousness I’ve seen it posted before that you can currently only hold one JA with Monzo.

In both those scenarios it sounds like a business account would be better?

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I thought the same but looking at the Business Account Ideas Board I’m not so sure and it would be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.