Android App Login Security

(Chris Lavender) #1

There seems to be little/no security to open and log in to my Monzo app on Android. no finger print, Pin or password request.

Seems risky given that money can be sent to someone in my contact list. I think this should be addressed quickly as it is such a high risk. Someone pointed this out in October and still, no log in restrictions!

(Alex Sherwood) #2

You are required to enter your PIN before you can send money to someone on your contact list -

You can now send money to anyone else who has a Monzo account, on iOS or Android. It’s sent instantly, securely authenticated with your PIN and of course, it’s totally free.

Obviously you should secure your phone with a passcode & if you’re looking to stop others from accessing the app, once they have your phone then you can use one of the apps mentioned here -

Or Norton App Lock :slight_smile:

New user - wish list!
(Chris Lavender) #3

Appreciate the suggestion for applock apps, but these are inferior and don’t feel they protect my data ie recent transactions etc.

I can simply see my transactions by looking at recent apps button.

Granted it prevents changes and it’s good to know my money is secure in a way. I still PayPal and other money apps take security far more seriously.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Ultimately, as long as you’ve not breached Monzo’s terms, then Monzo is liable for any theft of your money via your phone so it’s in Monzo’s interest to make sure that it is kept secure.