An Android Progress Update

Product Manager @Jami helps us get up to speed with everything Android!


I was hoping for a mention of Android Pay. I’d prefer that was a priority over a graph.


Is that anything to do with the Android App though?

Nope :slight_smile: I believe it’s completely separate to the Monzo app, it’s more of a backend thing :smiley:

But in saying that…

There are also some Android-specific goodies coming soon, so watch this space! :soon:

That could certainly be a hint towards some Android pay goodness :wink:

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I doubt that’s a job for the Monzo development team.

So it’s not an update on everything Android then?

You were talking about prioritising Android pay over graphs. I was simply pointing out that they would be managed by two different teams meaning they could be handled simultaneously. It wasn’t a comment on the blog content.

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At each event, we’ve said that our aim is to achieve parity between iOS and Android by the end of the year. What this means is that all new current account features will be on both platforms

Although I did think it was very ambitious at the time, I took “parity between iOS and Android” to mean parity, not parity-but-only-on-current-account-specific-features. I don’t disagree with your prioritisation, but it doesn’t stop the timeline being a bit disappointing.


Is this about the Android Current account or the pre-paid?

The current account.

Yeah, as someone who isn’t on the current account, the android app has felt a long ways behind for a while, and we’ve known nothing else is coming to it for a few months now.

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Totally understandable, @alexb - things are really speeding up here now the team is larger, so some of those long requested features might make it to Android before the end of the year, but I wanted to give a realistic update as to where we’re at. Thanks for your understanding :bowing_man:


Interesting stuff, as someone who moved from iPhone to Android recently I was surprised to see how far behind the app is, but the important core functionality is there and my current account works, so what more can I ask for!
Android/Apple/Samung/WhateverPay can wait at the moment, the key things are getting the app parity in place and making sure everything works.


Here’s hoping the Current Account process goes swiftly and smoothly. App development and legacy bank killing features are what will really set Monzo apart from its competitors, so the sooner the better!


I’m truly shocked at the pace at which your team develops. You’re not sending a rocket in to space, a lot of these features are what hobby coders could do in a day or weekend. I always had my suspicions that there was only one guy behind the android app and perhaps they had left. Now theres a team of 5 (dedicated? or shared with the ios team?) and the roadmap is incredibly slow.

Given the app is Monzos selling point, I have been truly dismayed at the rate of progress.

I’m glad there is a future for the android app, at least.


They’re dedicated Android team members :confused:

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They have an open API so feel free to build these features yourself in the meantime :slight_smile:


The difference being that Monzo are building a bank, not a Hackathon.

If you want to see the product that this type of development creates, feel free to use Starling.

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I see you’re an experienced coder… can you think why it would take 1 whole year to add custom date ranges to the monthly spending report as in the ios app?

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A true Brit… a cynic :clap:

You have to ensure it works on more phones and more OS’s for android … bit harder than the iOS playground.


Could I pay £10 to a dev to add an input for day of the month for the spending report in the actual app?