Quarterly scheduled payments - TV Licence

(Jack) #1

Just seen that more payments are showing up in the scheduled payments with predictions on next pay dates. This looks great but I’m unable to mark my TV Licence DD as a Quarterly payment, it seems to want to mark it as monthly instead…

Bonus: just noticed a typo on the scheduled payments tab as well. See below:


There is also not 6 monthly or 2 weekly or 4 weekly options.

(Jack) #3

Oh no. It’s the payday-gate drama again! :joy:

(Andy) #4

My council tax is taken over 10 months, how on earth will :monzo: cope with that one :rofl:

(Jack) #5

Looks like we’ll need a “repeats every 1.2 months” option as well to even it out lol!

(Joe) #6

On android we don’t seem to have this option on that view, but on summary view when you make a payment a repeated one, you can select every x months, so I managed to do my water bill as recurring every 3 months no problem.

(Adam Kendrew) #7

Must be a phased roll out as I don’t have this option on iOS.

(Jai Sullivan) #8

Same! Can someone at Monzo :monzo: confirm please?

(Jonathon) #9

Neither do I


Appeared for me on Android - I hope they will add more options and make this bit more intelligent over time so its not there for coffee shop or Supermarket purchases.

(Jonathon) #11

Can you remove things from committed? I have a NowTV refund it thinks I’m getting every month…


Yes I can, just tried with DVLA DD.

(Jonathon) #13

Brill. Is that for all committed spending? That would be great.


Yes, its with all of recurring payments I have :smiley:


Why have some got this and others haven’t? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: I’m on iOS


I haven’t got it…I’m on Windows mobile :rofl:


Do Monzo even support that s***t? :smiling_imp:


No…it was a joke

(Jack) #19

I think it’s coming soon to iOS.
If you’re on the join account beta you’ll already have it from what I’ve read.

(Marcel Ruhf) #20

There is on Android though.
Looks like Android is ahead this time around.

You can specify the number of days/weeks/months.