Improve customisation of repeating payment periods

When enabling the ‘Repeating payment’ toggle on subscriptions, there is currently the option to choose from 7 options, i.e. every day, every week, every 2 weeks etc.

However, for a couple of my subscriptions I require an option for every 6 months, which is not in the list.

If this could be added that would be great, or even better, why not add a ‘Custom’ option to the list, that then allows users to choose whether we want day/week/month, and how many? This would then account for pretty much everyone’s recurring payments.


What I’d love is for this (and the scheduled transfer functionality) to work like calendar apps which are pretty good at setting up robust but configurable repeating appointments. (It’s not an appointment but the logic is the same, I think!)


I imagine this is similar to how reminders apps typically work? Like they tend to give you two carousels. A number and a quantifier such as minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc. If so this is exactly the sort of functionality I’d love to see. The underlying logic is still the same as the predetermined presets, but just offer greater flexibility.

The day I’m able to earmark my pet food subscriptions properly in Monzo would be (hyperbolically) literally life changing for me.


This would be great! Yes definitely, extending it to scheduled transfers would make a lot of sense too.

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That’s exactly what I had in mind with the two carousels! I feel as though it should be a relatively simple change to make given the pre-existing presets as you say.

I’ve had to use the quarterly preset on one of my subscriptions for now so that I know how much to add to my Bills pot, but obviously this isn’t ideal as I’ll end up adding double the amount necessary over 6 months.


I have a number of subscriptions that are 6 weeks or 9 weeks. Being able to choose the number for frequency of the repeat, and the unit of repeat (day, week, month, year) would make this far more flexible for all those variable options.
At the moment I can’t represent some of my subscriptions at all, and this variable model for subscriptions is becoming much more common.

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Just started a 6 month subscription and found there’s no option for that, so heres a vote and a little bump…

…biannual soon pls :crossed_fingers:

What type of service comes 6 monthly?

Personally claim that as a one off spend.

I’ve been paying monthly for GeForce Now for longer than I care to admit, finally caved and switched to the 6 month option hahaha

I’d usually agree with it being marked down as a one off spend, but there’s an option for annual subscriptions already and it would be pretty sweet to see biannual one in my predicted spending too

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I have several subscriptions that are taken every 6 months but cannot have these shown as predicted as there is nearest options are yearly and quarterly.


TLDR: Please add “Every 6 Months” as an option to this picker for repeating payments:

I have magazine subscription Direct Debits that repeat every 6 months. There’s no option for Every 6 Months, so the next best option is Every Quarter but it throws off my “Left to Pay” for every 6 months when there’s no payment to take. I’d really like to make all the recurring payments accurate and for me this is the only thing that I truly miss. It seems like it should be a relatively simple feature to add?


I’m not asking for enhanced customisation of scheduled payments or anything that requires a re-design of the existing implementation, therefore requiring a much higher level of effort and inevitable reluctance to implement with little gains.

Please just add “Every 6 Months” to the existing feature.

I think you might be underestimating how “simple” it is to add. Otherwise they might as well let you input any value if it only takes 2 minutes.

True, I don’t know how long it will take for Monzo to implement any feature at any scale.

I am simply suggesting, based on my understanding of the systems I have worked on, that I suspect it would require a lower magnitude than re-designing the feature.

They already have a rule for every 3 months, so they could use a similar formula (PreviousDate + 6M instead of PreviousDate + 3M) that feels like it should slot into those existing calculation routines. And another option on the UI picker.

If you read the revels post, it explicitly mentions 6 months in the snapshot of what they’re asking.

So the link is relevant.

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Oh I read it when Revels posted it. I agree with the other post. And I agree the other post is relevant to this discussion. I didn’t see it when I searched the forum for “every 6 months” before posting. I wish I had seen it. I’m not arguing against the other post at all. I’m just advocating my request and describing how it’s different to the other post on the basis that the request is potentially different when factoring in the estimated level of effort, as I’m confident that Monzo will be triaging feedback and ideas based on an analysis of level of effort versus reward.

For example: I want a chocolate ice cream dispenser. In the other post, they want to dispense chocolate ice cream too, but it would be really cool if it also dispensed other flavours.

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The difference being you worked in similar environments and explained how it could be done, which could’ve been added to the other post if anyone cared to review it.

Given the time that’s lapsed, it likely won’t come any time soon but you never know.

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