Quarterly Subscriptions Support

The apps currently support daily/monthly/yearly occurrences etc for subscriptions, would be nice to add quarterly (3 month) option too as I know a few of my bills/subscriptions use this!

Quite a small thing, but moves ever closer to a more accurate summary!


You can do this on Android at the moment. I imagine once they sort the UI bit out for iOS it’ll be possible on an iPhone.

Interesting! What options do you currently have on Android when turning a transaction into a subscription?

Our UI on iOS allows us to do Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly!

We basically get 2 drop downs. One is for day, week, month, year and then a number one.

The android one uses some sort of built in picker functionality that is made available by Android. The same picker isn’t on iOS but I’d imagine it’s not tough for Monzo to make!

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