More Beautiful Direct Debits in Your Monzo Account

(Jack) #245

Yes, It can be a little while before they are approved if it’s been a few days maybe ask in app support to check it out for you :slight_smile:

(Mark) #246

Can they be changed for future DD’s or only ones that have come out?

(Jai Sullivan) #247

They can change future ones too.

(Mark) #248

Ditto. I imagine there are lots of users who really value and expect that things look good. For me these aren’t minute issues, they are massive. I’d much rather have the app looking good rather than have dubious features like Summary.

I’ve had the same experience with DD’s. Been told different things and they still look hideous.

(Mark) #249

I’ve 2 Lloyd’s bank direct debits which are hideous. What happened with yours in the end?

(Jai Sullivan) #250

It was changed :grinning: - the original merchant ID was ‘Lloyds Bank Plc-Card Services’ and @simonb kindly changed it to ‘Lloyds Bank.’

(Paul) #251

Plum financial bot have just integrated with Monzo (in test phase) and the direct debit has been added but there’s no logo and the name is a bit rubbish. How do I get this updated? :pray:t3:

(Andy) #252

I tried to this via CS but they said I had to report it via the transaction, which hasn’t actually happened yet so I guess I’ll have to wait.

(Paul) #253

Thanks Andy, that’s good to know. I’ll see if it works once a transaction has taken place. P

(Andy) #254

I contacted CS about this and have them the twitter handle of Plum they say it should have been updated in 24 hours still no change yet

(Dan) #255

Darn. I really want access. I switched to Monzo fully a few days ago (been a fully fledged Monzo user for.a while, just used the switching service to close an old bank account and forward payment) but now Plum cannot link to my now closed account and I really need to switch Plum to work with Monzo!

Also cannot wait for Chip integration.


Still think it would be good to be able to enrich DD for companies without a facebook/twitter page. Getting them from their website link never seems to work unfortunately

(Andy) #257

Plum will be rolling out accces to everyone for Monzo soon :slight_smile:

(Jonathon) #258

I’ve been lucky and had a beautified salary/income for a few months now :slight_smile:

(Dan) #259

I hate that word ‘soon’. Gimme a date.

(Paul) #260

That’s interesting. Perhaps the change will take place after a payment has occurred

(Andy) #261

They have not released a date :frowning: I was only just able to get on the beta for Monzo and plum

(Andy) #262

I managed to sneak onto the beta but I was told next Monday, it would be available to everyone.

(Lewis King) #263

Most likely.

(Adam Kendrew) #264

Looks great. @daniel.cannon any update as to when we’ll be able to ‘beautify’ Faster Payments? :eyes: