#monzostories: Instagram Stories

Hey Everyone :wave:

Hope you had a great weekend! :dizzy:

Just wanted to share with you guys that we’re going to start playing around with Instagram’s story feature this week. :film_strip:

The idea of #monzostories is to show you some of the fun behind the scenes action at Monzo Towers. :smiley: So many of you really enjoy hearing what we get up to around here via the Weekly Diary (yay to it’s revival :muscle:) and hanging out with us at events or on a Facebook Live. We thought this would be a fun way to give more people access to our office antics. :hugs:

I know there’s been a discussion previously about using Snapchat. :ghost: All important information, announcements and updates will be shared on channels more appropriate for that like this amazing forum, the blog and sometimes Facebook Live videos. :+1:

If you’re interested in seeing what we get up to, seeing the office and interacting with team members - join us over on Instagram throughout this week to see what we have planned. If you have any ideas of what you might like to see on #monzostories, please do share below!

Happy Monday! :relieved:


I’m loving watching this — the intros to everyone are v funny :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the idea, but think you’re currently over posting, especially on the staff intros.
There have been 24 posts made in the last 24 hours.

IMO posting too much similar content in one day leads people to skip the whole story and move on. Also at this rate you may run out of staff to intro even though you are hiring.

But yeah, I like what you’re doing.
And the fact your office toilets broke and stunk out the office so bad people had to work from coffee shops is utterly vile and hilarious :poop:

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@thomaswelton - I agree. We’re a big team and I got carried away with trying to intro everyone but held back near the end of the week.

The idea of last week was to launch the fact that we’ll be using stories more with the intros and so we did it everyday. Going forward we’ll do a dedicated day a week (Wednesdays) with 1-2 of us behind the scenes, doing a fun Q&A and showing bits from our team meetings.

Thank you!

sidenote: toilets are back in use :muscle:

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@alexs Thanks for sharing! Hope you have some fun questions for us :smile:

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Thinking of putting the weekly host here so I can get some questions from everyone here too!

Today, I’ve got @jonas joining me. Anyone have any fun questions for him?

Remember the videos are only 15 seconds :wink:

Can he cook an omlette :joy:

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Does he listen to any particular Weezer songs?

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Seeing quite a few uploads to the YouTube playlist in the last few minutes :slight_smile:

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:tada: :heart_eyes:


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OMG, this was never part of the deal, I hope my family doesn’t get to see me being the buffoon… AGAIN.


“we love shit like this” :slight_smile:

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