Community Digest 3/11/17

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Monzo’s Head of Engineering @oliver posted a comprehensive post mortem of last week’s outages. A fascinating read for anyone interested to understand the technical details of exactly what went wrong.

If Christmas has come early and you managed to get your hands on an iPhone X, you may have questions about using it with Monzo. Look no further! Here’s a handy guide from @RichardR

@SamanthaD joined the Monzo team as user researcher :wave: What does that role involve?

Lots of you will chat with Samantha in the coming weeks and months- she took the opportunity to share a link for people to sign up for upcoming user testing sessions in her intro!

We’re no strangers to a fiery (and mature :wink:) difference of opinion here on the forum, but this week’s thread about ICE CREAM takes the biscuit! Or should that be wafer…

We published ‘Inside the Partnerships Team’ a talk @RobinM gave at last months Brighton meetup. It’s a great intro to what the team are working on and how it runs, plus there are a few hints of exciting things to expect from them in the next few months. You can watch it back here.

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