The Monzo Weekly Diary 2.0

Hello! :wave:

I am also new to the community but have been working at Monzo for nearly three months now. That doesn’t seem like long but by Monzo standards I’m pretty much ancient by now :older_woman: I am the Office Manager which essentially means that I make sure Monzo towers is a safe place to work and that the people who work here are as happy as possible.

So what am I currently working on?

  • Priority numero uno: Moving us into our new home! We have steadily outgrown the current Monzo office, and so we are ready and eager to move into the next one. I have found our new home but we’re now just going through the legals before we can start making the move. Sadly, that takes time but I’m super excited for us to shed our shell and move into our new one. :snail:
  • We have a new starter today so I will be giving her a tour of the new office and getting her settled. Part of onboarding at Monzo includes a welcome box, you can see the key contents below:
  • Today is actually meant to be the most depressing day of the year. In a bid to try and turn the day around we are having a team lunch all together. While we have lunch everyone will receive a Slack message with anonymous compliments from people within the team that we have collected over the last two weeks. Everyone is busy all the time and so it’s nice to take the opportunity to take a moment to show that we all appreciate each other as humans. It’s a bit cheesy but I am essentially made of :cheese:. We’ll also be playing our ‘Positive vibes’ playlist to get us in the mood to tackle the week.
  • Organising a beer tasting to accompany our Knowledge Share on Wednesday. The knowledge share session will be held by the lovely Andy and it’s on building ios apps.
  • I have a few interviews booked in so will be on the hunt for wonderful people to join our team. If you’re looking for a new challenge and love Monzo you can check out our careers page. We’re actually looking for someone to join our People team as a hiring co-ordinator so check it out and share it with anyone you think is great and might be interested.
  • I am then going to Budapest for the weekend. This is not for work but for fun but I will be taking my trusty Monzo card along with me :+1:

TLDR: Finding our new office, socials to make Monzo workers happy, interviews.

Wow, Stuart thought his was long. Apologies! So that’s all that’s going on with me this week! If you want any extra info to do with anything then please let me know, happy to share what we’re up to.

Hope everyone has a good week! I nominate Jarno for the second update this week!