A Week in the Life of a Monzo Developer #1

Seen over at the other place, but seems not be on here yet

Nice to take a look around HQ

Not totally ancient myself, but would still likely bring the average age up there sizably! :wink:


Ah man, Jake Wright! Used to see him vlogging in Cambridge back when I was in first year :smile:

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Trying to place his accent. Got hints of Teesside. He’s certainly not from that far away from my home area though

Really good video thanks for sharing, interesting to see how Monzo works and the focus they seem to have on teamwork.


Thanks for sharing Michael, this really encourages me to apply to some of the open roles in Monzo. There is a sense of a common mission that I believe is fundamental.

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Loving the accent :grin:

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Interesting… Will keep an eye out for the next one.

Seems like a lot of meetings etc so hopefully they fizzle out as the week goes by. Less talking more doing :crossed_fingers:

At the end when he asked Google to turn on his lights it made mine react too :confounded::joy:


…Can confirm, my lights triggered too. Sigh xD
I have applied for a TechOps role at the London office, and have a phone interview to schedule soon (and a COps assessment day next week…). Seeing the office in videos and the people working there just gets me more excited!

Lived the video. A good insight into the world of Monzo. Looking forward to the next one. :3


How much do I have to pay for a Monzo cup?


I remember watching one of his videos way back when it was his first day!
Really good vlog and nice to see that Monzo have encouraged and allowed him to do it :slight_smile:

Some people who went to events, former staff and Coral Crew have them. Make them an offer that they can’t refuse :wink:

I’m a married man, I can only offer friendship :smiley:


Hilarious :joy:

I have noticed that people “sell” golden Monzo tickets on eBay . I mean. Really ? !

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