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I’m a website developer and been playing around with some new styles recently, hence this. Basically I was thinking how I could improve your website and I came up with a feature to replace your current ‘iPhone photo’. Basically I created an iPhone from code and have put Monzo on the homepage. Overall I think this is quite modern and haven’t seen any other app company do this, so will make you stand out.

Essentially my idea is one of the following;

  • Have the red text state ‘Check out Monzo by clicking here’ this then opens the App store app page in which the user can download the app.
  • When you click the app it opens a gif of the Monzo homescreen and scrolls up and down (This would show off the features better than your current png.
  • When you click on the app icon it opens the app and also allows you to navigation around the app.

I’m more than willing to add this into your website completely fee and will offer it as my little ‘input’ into Monzo. I would love to hear what everyone thinks.

Kind regards,
Jamie J M

UPDATE (30/08/17)

This is what I have been working on so far, a lot more needs doing in order for it to pass my OCD checks but you get the general feel. The iPhone will have some sort of gif scrolling through the app or something along the lines anyway. What do you think?

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Hi Jamie, thanks for the post.

If someone opens page on desktop, you can’t tell what device they are on. Link to App store will be rubbish functionality for android users. How would you solve the problem of android/ios problem? :slight_smile:


User Agent header.

But still, this would be awful on a touchscreen device (device within device) and I’m not sure the complexity that it adds is really necessary?

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I don’t get it, what is this meant to do?


Yeah, and if windows 10/chrome in header, so what app should be shown? Showing iphone for all is rubbish solution. :wink:


So it’s a preview of the Monzo app in a browser, is that correct?

You show the default iPhone one.
For an Android UA you show an Android one.

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I would say show iPhone as default, then if on Andriod show that one.

If that’s not good, could just show a scrolling Gif, like this; (Of some random app I found)

Actually it’s rather lightweight, looks sexy on my iPhone also.

I meant complexity in UX. I can understand a “scrolling gif” as you put it, not an entire emulation of the app though. The gif would let you actually determine what to show the user, so you can flaunt the best features.

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What i’m going to do is do a rebrand mockup of Monzo’s website, then you lot can can see the difference.

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Updated main post with what I have been working on.

From what you’ve updated with, I like. I’d be interested to see a more complete mockup with the actual scrolling thing :slight_smile:

Maybe @tristan would be interested…?

Yeah, I like the outcome. I will be carrying on and as I do progress I’ll be sure to update the thread. Also since it’s all Code it loads quite fast, well faster than an image of the card and phone.

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What triggers happy jumps of Monzo card, just happens on hover or need to be clicked? I’m assuming it’s the first option, as usually circular presses indicate mouse clicks. But what would happen on tablet device? How someone would know to tap card to get happy jumps? I’m not really criticising, just trying to understand your intent a bit more! :smiley:


It’s hover. I actually made it so it doesn’t jump on mobiles, didn’t think it would be needed.

Looks like Monzo’s website has just had a refresh, looks good :sunglasses:

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It does look very good. It’s clear that a lot of time and thought has gone into it.

When someone says TSB is a joke and a friend says “try Monzo… here’s a golden ticket” the vast majority of people are going to click “find out more” which will land them on the homepage. Monzo then has about 30 seconds to persuade them to embark on a possibly lifelong financial relationship or think “I don’t trust this. I’m done”.

To me it looks like the people who have designed it have absolutely nailed it and communicated exactly what Monzo is about - New technology, community, high end customer service and fun/friendship. It would take someone with a very thick tin hat on to think “I don’t trust this”, but only time will show whether it boosts the ‘pitched to converted’ ratio from already very high levels.

What I’m trying to say is… cool new site guys :sunglasses:


Is it just my browser or does sometimes load the new site and sometimes the old site? Very strange.

You’ll have to clear your browser cache. Or use Private Browsing mode.

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